1. Its Name

“Stonewave” is a mystical and ambiguous name. Just by saying you whipped something up in your Stonewave, you will leave your floor mates confused yet intrigued.

2. Endless options

Stonewave can make a smorgasbord of dishes. It’s super convenient to use the same device to make shrimp scampi and chocolate soufflés. Check out these recipes for ideas.

Photo by Katie Coyle

3. Science

It uses the power of science. The cooker has two parts: a small clay pot with a handle, and lid with a hole for steam at the top. The microwave and the steam chimney are what cook your food.


You can finally say you own an AS SEEN ON TV product, and use this as justification for watching infomercials.

5. Eclectic

Stonewave’s clay-like texture gives it a rustic charm that only enhances its coolness level.

6. Under 2-minute meals

You can make top-notch omelets for any meal of the day in one and a half minutes.

Photo by Katie Coyle

7. Compact

The cooker is small and unobtrusive so it won’t clutter your already cramped dorm room.

8. Useful

Stonewave is multifunctional. As well as a cooker, it can be used as a dish or bowl.

9. Cheap

Stonewave is available online here for $5.

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