In a gathering of countries, Canada is that cool, very polite hockey and beer loving country. Every 1st of July, Canada celebrates its independence and in honour of Canada Day, these are 9 posts that scream Canada.

1. Winter

Every Canadian is probably tired of hearing this...

“do you live in an igloo?’

or this...

‘you shouldn’t feel cold, you’re from Canada'

2. ‘Sorry’

Canadians have been said to be very polite; we always say sorry. This isn’t far from the truth…

3. Tim Hortons

What is a day without a coffee from Tims

or a box of timbits

4. ‘Eh’

The conversation is never complete without a sprinkle of ‘eh’

5. No name

What screams Canada more than a no name product?

6. Washroom

Having to explain that washroom=toilet...because Canadians are sophisticated.

7. Hockey

Who cares about the NBA or Champions league when we have NHL?

8. Poutine

Plain old fries are boring. What better way to spice it up with some cheese curds and gravy?

9. Beer

No pitcher of beer is too big for a Canadian.

If you happen to be in Winnipeg and are not sure what to do to celebrate Canada’s independence, check out the different activities planned for Canada day.

Happy Canada Day!