The Student Union is big, overwhelming, and totally misleading. While the Union Street Market offers some delicious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for you to spend your precious meal plan points, don’t be fooled. There are so many niche places on campus for you to wisely use those points that nobody ever told you about!

1. UConn Dairy Bar Too (or The Blue Cow)

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This delectable little extension of the UConn Dairy Bar offers you some of the exclusive Dairy Bar flavors in the form of scoops, cones, and milkshakes. You can find it on the first floor of the Student Union in the North Lobby. Next time you’re jonesin’ for a chocolate milkshake, know that you don’t need to trek all the way to the Dairy Bar!

2. The Cafe Co-Op

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If you’re looking for a custom-made panini, this is the place for you! The Cafe Co-Op — conveniently located inside the home base of all our husky apparel and school supplies — is the perfect place to stop and get a sandwich, salad, or specialty drink. Grab yourself a bacon egg and cheese, an on-the-go espresso, and six new UConn t-shirts.

3. The Beanery

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Along with sandwiches and coffees, The Beanery is now offering Open Mic Nights on Tuesdays for singers, poetry recitations, and other performances. You can find it in The Benton Museum and enjoy the newest exhibit of the month as you sip on your iced coffee, one cream, two sugars.

4. Chuck and Augie’s

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Tucked away in the Student Union next to The Blue Cow is this little restaurant, named after two of UConn’s benefactors, Charles and Augustus Storrs. After 3 pm, you can use your points at this nifty restaurant that has managed to create a menu of completely trans-fat free food!

5. Bookworms

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By far one of the most usefully located cafes on campus, Bookworms is the haven of candy, chips, and coffee you can find in our very own Homer Babbidge Library. For the late nights you’re up studying for Orgo on the fourth floor, or the early mornings you’re trying to collaborate with a group for a project on the first floor, this is a solid place to get your caffeine pick-me-up and maybe that meal you skipped to study.

6. Freshens


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The glory of Freshens is that it’s the only place on campus to get your smoothie fix. It has 15 flavors of smoothies and the added bonus of booster options to add nutrients. You’ll find it right outside the Union Street Market in the Student Union and you won’t ever be sorry about sipping your “Mango Me Crazy.”

7. The UC Cafes

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You’ll find the Uniquely Caffeinated Cafes in academic buildings all over campus. Theres the Up & Atom Cafe in the Bio-Physics building, the Chem Cafe in the Chemistry building, Wilbur’s in the Wilbur Cross Building, and Lu’s Cafe in the basement of the Family Studies building. They serve the same things, but offer different atmospheres and views of campus. See what you like best!

8. Le Petit Marche Cafe

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If you’re feeling particularly French any day this week, explore Le Petit Marche Cafe, located in the Co-Op Bookstore in Storrs Center. The cafe serves crêpes, baguettes, and french pastries to satisfy all your parisian desires. If you find yourself hungry in Storrs center without a wallet, this is the time and place for your points.

9. Not Just Desserts Bakery

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The dining-service-run bakery allows you to purchase some of their goods with your points– namely fruit baskets and birthday cakes. If you really love your friend and have some points to blow through, sending them a birthday cake with your points would be the ultimate sign of appreciation.