Welcome to 2016, where you can have anything and everything delivered right to your doorstep. Well, in the US, maybe. Other than certain videos “not being available in our location” (c’mon we’re really not that far), the only downside to living in Canada is shipping. Here are some food subscription companies who are showing a little love to their neighbours from the north.

1. Mouth

food subscription

Photo courtesy of @mouthfoods on Instagram

Mouth’s subscription box is a super hipster collection of snacks they describe as “indie.” You can choose between monthly boxes of coffee, cookies, popcorn, pickles, bacon or other snacks or get a variety of top picks in the in the “best of Mouth” box. It’s all organic and fair trade, so get your fancy pants on and snack away.

2. The Mantry

food subscription

Photo courtesy of mantry.com

Describing itself as “man’s modern pantry,” this wooden crate is filled with foods based on monthly themes like Bacon Nation and includes cured meats, speciality sauces, jams, crackers and coffees with lots of super manly recipes (whatever that means). The mantry: because nothing says macho like a wooden box of fancy artisan foods.

3. Cheese Club

food subscription

Photo courtesy of culturecheesemag.com

My sisters and I subscribed to this cheese box as a gift to our Dad (and a little bit to our own taste buds) and it did not disappoint. During the first week of each of the blissful three months, we were delivered a box with three cheeses and a detailed description of their contents, how they were produced, and what they pair well with. Overall experience was very gouda.

4. The Cravory

food subscription

Photo courtesy of oceanbeachsandiego.com

Yup, we’ve arrived at a time when you can open your door and have cookies waiting for you. Choose between packages of their classic flavour of the month, a box of best-sellers, or their adventurous mix if you want to shake it up with sweet, spicy, salty and savoury. With a range of flavours, you could end up with a box of red velvet, peanut butter, bacon and rosemary balsamic all in one magical delivery. Bless up.

5. Turntable Kitchen

food subscription

Photo courtesy turntablekitchen.com

Turntable Kitchen couples food with music. In each box, you should expect three original recipes, one or two dry ingredients and an exclusive vinyl record or (digital mixtape for those without a record player) of carefully selected tracks to accompany your meal. All this for what Turntable Kitchen describes as “a curated food and music discovery experience.” Discover away.

6. Yummy Bazaar

food subscription

Photo courtesy of hellosubscription.com

The Yummy Bazaar taste box features monthly national themes, bringing country classics straight to your kitchen. These boxes are full of goodies ready-made for immediate consumption and ingredients like spices and jellies to add to your own recipes. The package also provides a card explaining everything included in the box and cultural tidbits about the featured country. This food subscription is basically the same as travelling, right?

7. Munch Better

food subscription

Photo courtesy of munchbetter.ca

Hold up, is that a .ca I see? Yup, Munch Better is actually a Canadian company. The monthly Munch box is a collection of healthy snacks from small food companies. Ranging from crackers to granola bars to dark chocolate, these are snacks you can toss in your backpack and take on the go. Plus, free shipping to Canada. Like music to my Canadian ears.

8. Cocoa Courriers

food subscription

Photo courtesy of cocoacourriers.com

Toasted coconut, fig, and sea salt are just a few examples of what you might find in this monthly box of chocolate. Forrest said it best, “you never know what you’re gunna get.” All fair trade, but I know I had you at chocolate.

9. Urthbox

food subscription

Photo courtesy of blog.urthbox.com

Urthbox food subscription is essentially a healthy mystery box. Choose between classic, vegan or gluten-free boxes and you could end up with anything from juices to dried meats to crisps and candies. This box is helping health nuts out of a rut and proving there are healthy, delicious options if you get a little creative.

10. Wine of the Month Club

food subscription

Photo courtesy of hercampus.com

If you consider yourself a wine connoisseur and are fancy enough to say things like connoisseur, this one’s for you. Wine of the month club delivers at least two wines a month and a card of expert reviews and pairing tips. This box only ships to Canada, so who’s jealous now?