When it comes to powerful documentaries, we’ve all heard of An Inconvenient Truth, Planet Earth and Blackfish. Then, when it comes to famous food documentaries, Super Size Me and Food, Inc. comes to mind. So here are 7 food documentaries–that aren’t Super Size Me or Food, Inc.–you can watch on Netflix that’ll forever change how you look at food.

1. Forks Over Knives

Looking into America’s eating habits, this documentary reveals the health risks of our animal and processed food based diet. The title pushes for a change of diet in order to lower our medical bill, as the “knives” in the title refers to a scalpel.

2. Spinning Plates

Spinning Plates takes us behind the scenes of 3 very different restaurants. From a high-end city hot spot to a small town diner to a family owned restaurant, the documentary provides an intimate view of the food industry.

3. Somm

What’s better than a documentary about food? A documentary about wine of course. Somm allows the viewer to follow 4 wine enthusiasts as they take on the Master Sommelier exam–the hardest wine test in the world.

4. Hungry for Change

Exposing the shocking secrets in the diet and food industries, Hungry for Change is a must watch for those who are hungry for change.

5. Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead is an inspiring film that follows Joe Cross, an overweight man, as he tries to regain his health by going on a 60 day juice diet. The documentary also brings around the realization that when it comes to your own health, the only person who can save you is yourself.

6. A Place at the Table

A powerful documentary about hunger in America, A Place at the Table delves into the lives and struggles of Americans suffering from food insecurities.

7. Vegucated

Vegucated is about 3 “meat lovers” who are challenged to adopt a vegan diet for 6 weeks. The documentary touches upon things like the resistance certain people feel towards vegetarianism, and the ethical, environmental, and health benefits of a vegan diet.

8. Blue Gold: World Water Wars

Water, the liquid that keeps us alive, hence the name “blue gold”. Blue Gold: World Water Wars is simply a documentary about water. It examines the political and environmental implications of the ever decreasing water supply, and speculates that future wars would be fought over the much needed liquid.

9. Sushi: The Global Catch

For all of the sushi lovers out there, this is the ideal film for you. From its history to its problems in the foreseeable future, Sushi: The Global Catch talks about everything and anything sushi.