If you were a teen in the mid 2000s, chances are Mean Girls is in your top 5 favorite movies. It’s literally one of the most quotable movies out there.

And although we can’t relive our high school days with the Plastics, with places like Etsy it’s becoming easier and easier to make your apartment super fetch for a reasonable price.

So even though you may not be whipping up some Kalteen bars, you can still bring some Mean Girls vibes to your kitchen with these accessories.

Her Hair Is Full Of Secrets Hand Towel

mean girls

Photo courtesy of HemlockAndNightshade, Etsy.com

Even if you don’t know everything about everybody, and your hair isn’t full of secrets like Gretchen Wieners’, let people think it is with this custom hand towel from Etsy.

You’re Like, Really Pretty Mug

mean girls

Photo courtesy of TheCraftyEngineerx, Etsy.com

You already know you’re, like, really pretty, but remind yourself everyday with this mug.

So Fetch Spoon

mean girls

Photo courtesy of Pakamonk, Etsy.com

Even though fetch is never going to happen, keep trying to make it happen with this customized spoon.

Mean Girls Inspired Ceramic Coasters

mean girls

Photo courtesy of HashtagCoasters, Etsy.com

These coasters put a fun twist on your favorite Mean Girls one-liners.

Is Butter A Carb? Ceramic Butter Dish

mean girls

Photo courtesy of DuckDrakeStudio, Etsy.com

Every time you go to butter your muffin, ask yourself the age old question: is butter a carb?

Mean Girls Quote Magnet

mean girls

Photo courtesy of Chicalookate, Etsy.com

If you’re not a fan of this quote, don’t worry; this Etsy shop has every Mean Girls one-liner you can think of.

Boo You Whore Wine Glass

mean girls

Photo courtesy of IntertWinebyTyne, Etsy.com

Keep pretending you’re too sick to go out and use this wine glass to sip on your fave wine.

You Go Glenn Coco Wall Art

mean girls

Photo courtesy of TheIndigoZebra, Etsy.com

Hang this inspiring, motivational quote in your kitchen to keep your spirits high.

Burn Book Cocktail Plate

mean girls

Photo courtesy of cafepress.com

Let your guests know you don’t mess around with these cocktail plates.