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The worst thing in the world (at least during college) is not being able to get out of bed until 5 pm because you are that hungover. Then the next worst thing is being stuck with no car, hungover, and all you want is a fat burger and fries.

For all you SLUdents, take a look at these hangover cures next time you stay out at Lannex until the lights turn on or you go too hard at Pennies on a Wednesday.

1. Go Big with Gries Brunch  

Hangover cures

Photo courtesy of SLU Student Involvement Center

You will be greeted with killer service when you walk through the door by some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Little do they know you will be sitting in there for about an hour just going back and forth for seconds and thirds. If the tater tots don’t convince you, go for the unlimited amounts of chocolate milk, coffee, soda and pizza.

2. Pickleman’s Pizza Before You Hit the Hay

Hangover cures

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If there infamous “Buff-Q” pizza that is 1/2 buffalo, 1/2 barbeque doesn’t get you excited, you will still have the option of any sandwich your heart desires. You can even get a salad if you feel like avoiding the extra drunchie calories. Pickleman’s is a student staple at SLU, somehow there is always a line out the door of SLUdents craving their menu.

3. Soak All That Alcohol Up with Jimmy Johns

Hangover cures

Photo courtesy of Jake Toth

Day old bread is the key to a cheap drunk meal. Any sandwich sounds good after a few drinks and getting something so substantial will definitely help out a little with the morning after.

4. Humphrey’s Brunch All Day Sunday

Hangover cures

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Whether you go out on Wednesday for Pennies or a Saturday night downtown, Humphreys is always a great hangover spot. Not only do they have brunch all day Sunday, they also have their famous fried green beans to munch on while you wait. If you are looking for cheap, quality, and grease, this is your best option. If  you need more reasons to go to Humps then check out why it is SLU’s Best Bar Ever.

5. Field House Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Hangover cures

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If buffalo sauce is something you always crave when you’re hungover, Field House is the place to be. Their buffalo chicken sandwich is one of the best in St. Louis and it is just a few blocks from campus. Don’t forget to get some ranch to go with your sandwich and fries.

6. Hit up the POD for ingredients for a killer grilled cheese breakfast sammy

Not only can you use your flex for this, but you can also grab a gatorade while you’re there. Just grab some bread, cheese, and eggs and you’re set for a cheap alternative to going out to breakfast. Add some greasy bacon too if you really want to cure that hangover.

7. Panera Bread Bowl with Soup with a Side of Bread

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Panera’s menu has been one of the best additions to on campus food for SLU this year. Most days you wouldn’t order a bread bowl because of all the carbs involved, but while you’re hungover why not get as much bread for your buck to soak all that alcohol up out of your system.

8. If you’re really ambitious, walk to MCD’s for bfast all day

Hangover cures

Photo courtesy of Daniel Acker

McDonalds is a crowd pleaser when it comes to hangovers, but the walk is a little bit further than the dining halls on campus. If you are in the mood for a McDouble or some of their famous hash browns though why not make that walk and get some fresh air? Plus there’s nothing better than getting the best bang for your buck with the famous Dollar Menu.

9. Diablitos Chips and Salsa Bar (or a margarita)

Hangover cures

Photo courtesy of Katherine Richter

If someone asks you to cure the hangover with the hair of the dog Diablitos is your place to do it. Get yourself a margarita and some of their unlimited chips and salsa bar until you’re so full it will put you right to sleep. Then you will be ready to conquer the day feeling better than you did when you left.