Everyone has that quintessential foodie friend in his or her life.  Whether they are a chef, a baker, a world-travelling taste tester or food-obsessed instagramer, you can always count on them for a late night treat, a restaurant recommendation and, of course, some food porn.

To say thank you to that special person in your life, here are my top 9 recommendations for a birthday, special event or just because gift.

1. A food of the month membership


Photo courtesy of  farmtopeople.com

What could be better than receiving food in the mail? Perhaps, getting something new every month.  With each new delivery, your favorite foodie will thank you. Check out this Buzzfeed article for some great ideas, especially Farm to People.

2. Oven mitts and cooking apron

The simplest of gifts are often the best types of gifts. Oven mitts and cooking aprons are the great for someone who is serious and lives in the kitchen.  These two items will surely get  good use and serve as a constant reminder of your friendship.

Also, there are so many funny aprons out there, like this one. You can customize your apron to fit your friend’s sense of humor.

3. A wine and cheese basket

This classic combination is guaranteed to be loved.  Nothing beats a picnic in the park with some wine and cheese.

You can customize it to their liking, while spending within your budget. For some unbeatable combinations, check out this Wine Enthusiast article.

4. Cookbooks


Photo by Emma Nosseir

While we live in the age of the Internet, there is nothing quite like opening a new cookbook.

Cookbooks come in all shapes and sizes, so find your foodie’s favorite cuisine and surprise them with some new recipes. Some of my personal favorites include Barefoot Contessa, Joy of Cooking and Ad Hoc at Home.

5. A funky new appliance


Photo by Emma Nosseir

Foodies also love gadgets. From mixers to blenders, they can never have enough.

Some of my favorites include the cake pop maker, George Forman grill, veggie spiralizers (pictured above) and the nutribullet.

 6. A surprise delivery


Photo by Emma Nosseir

For friends that live far and wide, harness the power of the Internet to show them you care.  There are numerous restaurants and bakeries that specialize in mail order gifts.

With great options like Momofuku Milk Bar (famous for its crack pie and birthday cake truffles), Baked by Melissa (the best bite-size cupcakes) and Cookie DŌ (unreal cookie dough confections), how could one ever resist.

7. A cooking class for two

This is the perfect gift for your hands-on foodie friend. Not only will you get to share in the fun, but you also get to revel in a delicious meal.

Cooking classes are offered everywhere, even in Whole Foods. My personal favorites have taken place at ICE in NYC.

8. A restaurant gift card

 If you know there is somewhere in particular your favorite foodie has been meaning to try, grab a gift card and treat them to a meal.

9. Something baked with love


Photo by Emma Nosseir

Foodies are used to delivering treats to family and friends year-round. It’s your turn. Surprise them with something from your own oven, it will be both unexpected and highly appreciated (after all, a foodie’s gotta eat too).

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