There was absolutely nothing better than coming home from school, parking your butt in front of the TV, and snacking on some super unhealthy but ultra tasty snacks without a care in the world. Now you’re in your college dorm and thinking that the good ol’ days are back in the past along with Legends of the Hidden Temple, but you are sooooo wrong.

Thanks to supermarkets around the world and those (now loaded) dudes on amazon selling old candy, you can still get your favorite after school snacks!

1. Smiley Fries


Photo by Arden Sarner

Yeah, hitting the diner at 2am and chomping on those regular, straight fries are OKAY but smiley fries hit the heart like no other. I do not know what kind of special potato is used for these, but they definitely taste better than any other type of french fry out there. Make a DIY version here.

#SpoonTip: You can still get these gems at your local supermarket.

2. Dino Nuggets


Photo courtesy of tumblr

Combine these with the smiley fries and I swear it feels like you’re 5 again. Everyone may argue back and forth whether Wendy’s or McDonald’s has the best nuggets in town but if you cut in with Dino Nuggets, you are automatically the winner. It’s so easy to somehow find yourself in the frozen aisle at Stop & Shop with 3 boxes of these in your hand.

#SpoonTip: You can still get these gems at your local supermarket

3. Dunkaroos


Photo by Aarthi Chezian

I can probably tell what you are thinking, you think I am crazy and lying that these beauties are still around. But think again. There are a couple sources on Amazon who were smart enough to load up on the national treasure of Dunkaroos and sell them to us. Give it a shot and take a break from those Dunkaroo copycat recipes for the real deal.

#SpoonTip: You can still get these gems on Amazon.

4. Flav-Or-Ices


Photo by Flickr user Raza Kazimi

These summertime favorites are #1 on my list as a necessity once it hits 75 degrees. There has not been a summer in my house where at least 3 or 4 of these large, 100 ice pack boxes are sucked dry.

And you may think I’m crazy, but you know it’s time to get a new box when you become desperate enough to eat the purple and red ices stuck in the corners of your freezer. Don’t lie, you are going out and buying 5 boxes as we speak.

#SpoonTip: You can still get these gems at your local Walmart.

5. Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape


Photo courtesy of

Whether you were stuck in the car for a long drive or just listening to your NSYNC hit clips, this 6-foot roll of gum was your go-to treat. Personally, the sour green apple was my absolute favorite and there were tons of those empty tape rolls all over my house. But don’t you worry, if you are missing the endless amount of gum at your disposal you’ve come to the right place.

#SpoonTip: You can still get these gems online at any online candy shop or even a local candy shop.

6. Trix Yogurt


Photo Courtesy of Odyssey writer Monica Hershman

The original six-pack. Not gonna lie, I was a sucker for the Cotton Candy, double colored yogurt and I am sure you guys all know what I am talking about. This household favorite was an after school snack for us and definitely a midnight snack for our parents – yeah, they were definitely that good. Personally, I have not had one in years and did not know I could still buy them but writing this article also doubled as writing my grocery shopping list.

#SpoonTip: You can still get these gems at your local supermarket.

7. Baby Bottle Pops


Photo courtesy of user kaotic.tootsie

Wow. This picture is such a throwback. Can we just enjoy Kevin and Nick’s hair for a moment?…okay, now back to the 90s. This all-around candy favorite is the perfect combination of sour and sweet. Everyone who was anyone was sucking on a baby bottle pop. I mean, don’t you love the 90s?! They made it cool to suck on a pacifier (kind of). Those were the days.

#SpoonTip: You can still get these gems online at any online candy shop, a local candy shop, or weirdly enough Staples sells candy in bulk online (who knew?).

8. French’s Potato Sticks


Photo courtesy of Walmart

These totally were my not so guilty pleasure for the longest time. I would have these with almost every meal and even sneak a handful throughout the day. I know these were definitely a household favorite and most of us went through about four cans a week.

I always loved these sticks and sometimes even still reach into my pantry for them, forgetting they’re not even there and haven’t been since forever but after writing this they are definitely #1 priority. Make your own (healthier) version at home like this.

#SpoonTip: You can still get these gems at your local Walmart

9. Push Pops


Gif courtesy of giphy

 The Classic. The Numero 1. This candy was and definitely still is the best candy out there. Walking down the street it was totally acceptable to see someone’s hand with a push pop on each finger. Sucking on a Push Pop was actually socially acceptable, so let’s bring that back!

Ladies, I can bet you still find an old Push Pop in one of those old, all-sequin purses you use to carry around when you were 5. The Push Pop is practically the 8th wonder of the world and I’m too happy to let you know they are still around.

#SpoonTip: You can still get these gems online at any online candy shop, a local candy shop, your local Walmart, or Staples 



Photo courtesy of

Occasionally The Sweet People over at General Mills get together and re-release the Holy Grail of Cereal.

That’s right! It isn’t often and hasn’t happened in over a while but don’t you fret. General Mills did it once and we continue to beg them to do it again. French Toast Crunch is THE cereal of all cereals. It puts the rest to shame. It takes the best two breakfast types puts them together and makes you weep with joy. If the cereal gods can hear, us I hope they knock on General Mills doors with a truck ton of these.


Photo Courtesy of General Mills

The 90s really offered such a balanced diet. Trix yogurt (dairy) for breakfast, some Lunchables (carbs and protein), Smiley Fries and Dino Chicken for dinner (carbs and protein again), and DunkAroos for dessert (your sugar intake for the day). Let’s pretend that’s all healthy and non-processed so our dreams are not completely crushed okay?

I just gave you all an opportunity to bring back the 90s diet, so do not waste it. It is also the perfect dorm room diet or some perfect quick meals to get you through finals. I hope these 9 snacks have all made your grocery list because as soon as I am done with this article I am on my way to Stop & Shop.