We’ve all been told on numerous occasions never to judge a book by its cover. Your parents probably taught you that lesson in reference to people, but it’s certainly applicable to food, too.

In our attempt to Instagram and Snapchat every meal, some foods just can’t make the cut. However, despite being cringe worthy at first glance, many of these foods still taste delicious. Here is a list of foods that look flat out gross but are still extremely tasty (if you’re brave enough to give them a shot).

1. Passion Fruit

You probably have something passion fruit flavored in your fridge, like vodka or yogurt, but have you ever actually looked at one? Gross. The seeds look like boogers, but thankfully this fruit doesn't actually taste like them and is great in cocktails or açai bowls.

2. Quinoa

couscous, quinoa, groats, millet, corn, buckwheat, porridge, cereal, wheat
Christin Urso

In its raw form, quinoa looks pretty harmless, but when it’s cooked, close up it just looks like a bunch of super tiny worms. You can dress it up with vegetables and spices (like this coconut and quinoa black bean stew) to make it look prettier, but luckily quinoa tastes pretty great all on its own.

3. Truffles

Truffles may look groddy (so gross it’s hard to imagine people actually enjoy eating them), but they’re actually incredibly sought after and prices for this fungus can get pretty high. Truffles make great butters and sauces, especially on ravioli or a nice piece of toasted bread.

4. Oatmeal

milk, sweet, oatmeal, rice, porridge
Christin Urso

As a dedicated oatmeal lover, it’s still hard to get over the fact that oatmeal simply looks like bland baby food. But despite its boring appeal to the eye, oatmeal is extremely nutritious and is the perfect on-the-go breakfast. If you’re looking for a more jazzed-up oatmeal you can add fruit, nuts, peanut butter, chia seeds, or even throw on veggies to make it a savory dish.

5. Cottage Cheese

If we’re being honest, cottage cheese looks like what’s on the backs of my thighs when they haven’t seen the gym or the sun in a while. Luckily, cottage cheese tastes a lot better than that. It’s great with apricot or strawberry jam on top of shortbread cookies or on a piece of loaded toast with mashed avocado and cherry tomatoes (and it’s got a lot of health benefits, too).

6. Oysters

Looking at oysters freaks me out, but hey, it’s never stopped me from eating them. So what if they have an odd shape and look a little slimy? If you really want to have the best experience with oysters, I recommend eating them raw on the half shell–fancy living here we come. But if raw shell fish doesn’t float your boat, you can try oysters in a stew, gumbo, pasta dish or even try them deep fried.

7. Chia Seeds

Kristine Mahan

Truth be told, I think chia seeds look gross and I think chia seeds taste gross. I have trypophobia to begin with, so you can’t pay me enough money to eat chia seed pudding. However, I’m told it tastes really good with fruit or blended up in smoothies, so if you’re into that, have at it.

8. Split Pea Soup

Split pea soup looks like vomit, especially with its thick chunks of ham. Unfortunately, peas aren’t for everyone, which means that a lot of people miss out on how great split pea soup actually is. It’s perfect served on a cold day with thick slices of toast.

9. Bleu Cheese

It’s a well-known fact that this popular cheese contains mold, and regardless of that, I still eat it by the pound. Bleu cheese may look like something you’re not supposed to put in your mouth, but you’re missing out on something amazing if you don’t. Bleu cheese is great served with fruits like green apples and pears or crumbled on top of a burger.

Just because a food isn't Insta-worthy or makes you question what it is at first sight, doesn't mean it won't taste delicious. Try some of these not-so-pretty foods today and you may be pleasantly surprised when you go back for seconds.