America: the land of excess, ridiculous portions, and beyond fattening foods. We’ve rounded up the most ‘merican foods we could find just in time for a glorious 4th of July. Enjoy the foods that best represent the land of the free and the home of the gluttonous.



Photo by Dan Walsh

Oh, you haven’t heard of this over-the-top meal? It’s a chicken. Stuffed in a duck. Stuffed in a freakin’ turkey. ‘Merica.



Photo by Janet Galore

This nasty meat is stuffed into a lovely and portable can for ham on the go. ‘Merica.

Deep Fried Butter


Photo by Arden Street

Because butter wasn’t fattening enough on it’s own, we decided it would be a good idea to FRY it. ‘Merica.



Photo by Christian Cable

Urban legend says they last forever. Whether that’s true or not, I tend to not go near foods that even have a smidge of that kind of reputation. ‘Merica. (Or you can make your own.)

Frito Pie


Photo by Steven Labinski

I can’t even hate on this one. Frito pie is sent straight from the heavens. Don’t even get me started on tacos in bag… ‘Merica.

Corn Dogs


Photo by Jenn Larsen

I’ve never not had to find the nearest bathroom after ingesting one of these bad boys. ‘Merica.

Big Mac


Photo by Jake Toth

According to our friends over at CBS, a Big Mac is ordered every 7 seconds in the U.S. 540 calories and 29 grams of fat rolled into one greasy burger. ‘Merica.

Chicken Fried Steak


Photo by user rfung8

Chicken? Steak? Who knows? Regardless, this ish is nastayyy. ‘Merica.

Spray Cheese


Photo by Steven Depolo

Laziness at it’s finest. Just push the nozzle and boom – instant cheese. Still deciding if it’s the best or worst invention on the planet. ‘Merica.