Sick and tired of your food going bad? Don’t have time to constantly cook meals from scratch? Well then look no further, your freezer is your new best friend.

Some students might use this appliance sparingly, throwing in a few ice cube trays, a couple frozen pizzas, maybe a pint of Ben and Jerry’s here or there for emergencies during midterms. However if used correctly, a surprising variety of ingredients and yes, even prepared meals can be frozen and actually revitalized to near perfect condition – saving you money and that extra shopping trip.

While the texture of some of these foods may slightly change in the process, their taste remain generally fresh once thawed and cooked. Pro tip: double or even triple wrap your foods to preserve their quality as much as possible and prevent freezer burn.

Drawing from articles by The New York Times, Epicurious, and Huffington Post, here is a compiled list of foods you should start freezing right away.

1. Butter


Photo by Jaime Cantor

An incredibly easy way to save money is to buy butter in bulk (whatup Costco) when it’s on sale and stash extra sticks in the freezer. When needed, simply let it sit overnight in the fridge to defrost.

2. Herbs


Photo by Irvin Mai

Though storing herbs in the freezer may cause them to limp or wilt, the Huffington Post recommends storing them in cubes of olive oil to better preserve their flavor and condition.

3. Meat


Photo by Jocelyn Hsu

Whether it’s steak, chicken, lamb chops, or bacon, freezing meat is very convenient and pretty straightforward. For both cooked and raw meat, wrap it tightly in plastic wrap and throw it in a labeled freezer bag. When you’re ready to channel your inner carnivore, let it sit in the fridge overnight and prepare it as you usually would the next day.

4. Avocados For Dip


Photo by Caitlin Shoemaker

Although the texture of thawed avocados isn’t ideal for salads or as a snack, the taste is perfectly acceptable to toss in any dip or guacamole.

5. Nuts


Photo by Bari Blanga

While it may seem unnecessary to freeze nuts, they have a tendency to grow rancid fairly quickly over time. Storing them is also just as easy as throwing them in a freezer ziplock bag.

6. Baking Ingredients


Photo by Phoebe Melnick

Freezing ingredients such as chocolate chips, shredded coconut, flour, or even buttermilk (as long as it is used for baking) ensures that they keep longer and are always on hand when you need them.

7. Sauces


Photo by Kristie Mahan

This is the perfect solution for those late nights when you don’t have time to cook. Frozen pasta sauce, gravy, or even pesto are quick to heat up on the stove and store again in freezer Ziploc bags.

8. Breads and Baked Goods


Photo by Christin Urso

Whether you have freshly baked cookies, tortillas, bagels or sandwich bread, baked goods can easily be thawed. For sandwich bread, put slices straight into the toaster at a higher temperature. For tortillas, bagels, or sweets, first microwave them approximately one minute and finish them off by toasting in the oven or frying pan.

9. Stocks


Photo by Jackie Falkenberg

Chicken, beef, and vegetable stock are also easy to buy in bulk, pour in ice cube trays, and use for your next stew or soup. While it doesn’t keep long in the fridge, in the freezer it can actually last up to 6 months. #mindblown