While Chicago is known for it's amazing plethora of restaurants and wide spectrum of food options, Loyola University Chicago cannot quite say the same. Some people may have longed for the experience of unlimited access to dining halls, but many of us Loyola students can't wait to be rid of it. However, that is not to say there is nothing good about our on-campus dining experience. After a semester or two, I am sure many LUC students have figured out some of these prime neighborhood finds and dining hall let downs. Here are nine food-related things you'll only understand if you go to Loyola Chicago. 

1. Chicken Fingers and Curly Fries

If there is one good thing we've got going for us, it's curly fries from Damen Burger Studio. These are more than just a go-to, they are a staple. They smell great, they taste great, and they are all I want during finals week.

2. Flacos Tacos

Conveniently located at both the Lakeshore and Water Tower campus, Flaco's is always there when we need it. With all types of protein options, from chorizo to vegan black bean, they have something for everyone (including superb margaritas). From Margarita Monday to Thirsty Thursday, Flaco's will never disappoint.

3. Ann Sather

You know the feeling: wake up on Sunday morning (aka noon), nothing in your fridge and no desire to make breakfast. Luckily, there's Ann Sather's cinnamon rolls. These cinnamon rolls are the epitome of hungover breakfast. Everything on the menu is the fix you need before settling into your Sunday studies. Try the eggs benedict or an omelette with a side of not one, but two, gooey, melt-in-your-mouth cinnamon rolls. It is exactly what every student craves and needs.

4. Simpson Mexican (TBT)

Simpson was always there when you needed your fixing of guac or loaded quesadillas. While Simpson dining was always somewhat of a travesty, the taco station always came through. Now Simpson is more like a ghost town than a go-to with its questionable gluten-free and vegan options. I will say it is an honorable feat trying to make a dining hall for all allergies and dietary preferences, but we do miss the infamous taco bar that has been replaced with Hemp milk and lentil falafels.

5. Desperate times call for Sam's (unfortunately)

I say unfortunately only because Sam's Chicken and Ribs is open until almost 4 am and has every possible food item one may need after the midnight hour. Sam's is a perfectly suited order-in or a prime late night stop located all too conveniently off the Granville L-stop.

6. The Inconsistency of the Ice Cream Machines

This perfectly swirled and topped ice cream bowl looks necessary and delicious after your long day of studying, right? Wrong! Because the De Nobili ice cream machine is out of order yet again. We are often blessed with all time access to vanilla, chocolate, or swirl soft serve accompanied by some delicious toppings. However, when we really need it, the machine is out of order and we are left with the all too familiar feeling of soft-served let down. We can still thank Loyola for blessing us with ice cream in all dining halls, especially when the Oreos aren't empty.

7. Insomnia Cookies

Emma Rust

I think this is a given for many college campuses, but man has it come in clutch for Loyola University Chicago students. A double chocolate chuck biked right to your or the IC's door is the ideal pick-me-up for any cramming occasion. Not to mention their consistent late night hours which are again, all too convenient.

8. Taco Bell's Ideal Location

Most college campuses have shrewd fast food locations that cater to students at all necessary hours, and taco bell is ours. At 10 pm or 1 am, Taco Bell beckons students from dorms and the Loyola University Chicago CTA stop only steps away. There isn't one student who can say they haven't stumbled into Taco Bell right before closing for a (perhaps regrettable) crunchy taco or nacho supreme.

9. De Nobili's Late Night Nuggs

De Nobili late night chicken nuggets may be the quintessential Loyola food item. Not only are they exactly what everyone craves after 8 PM, but they are actually crispy, juicy, and delicious; good job Loyola. Late night snacking is a college essential, and LUC dining has done a sufficient job at supplying us with a satisfying go-to for our fried food needs. 

Whether you have study-driven hanger or drunken cravings, Loyola University Chicago students find access to their food needs. LUC dining may not be the best in the business, but you sure can find what you desire around this campus in a food-loving city.