For 12 years, Brad and Angelina were #relationshipgoals. After meeting while filming the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith, the pair of starlets became Hollywood's it couple. Now if you are anything like me, the news of their divorce was like taking a dagger straight to the heart. Being a foodie and an admirer of true love made me think of how devastated I would be if my favorite food pairings decided to call it quits. 

1) Milk and Cookies 

milk, coffee, chocolate, cream, sweet
Ella Storey

Like Brad and Angelina, milk and cookies are a classic. It's the go-to combination for every kid searching for the perfect midnight snack. Even today, when I'm feeling nostalgic milk and cookies are my first choice to suppress my midnight munchies.

2) Wine and Cheese

Another classic. This has become my grown up version of milk and cookies. Cheers to adulthood and hoping wine and cheese doesn't split like Brangelina.

3) Chips and Queso 

Lindsey Fries

Every time I see chips and queso on a restaurants menu, I can't stop myself from ordering it. This is truly the best love story ever told. Chips and queso, I'm wishing you many more happy years together. 

4) Apples and Carmel 

egg, sweet, cream, caramel
Kirby Barth

Like Angelina used to be the apple of Brad's eye, caramel is the apple's one true love. The only split I want this combination to have is when I cut it in half to make it easier to eat.

5) French Fries and Ice Cream

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If you haven't tried this, are you even a human? This seemingly odd pairing comes together to make one of the best food combinations there ever was. 

6) Peanut butter and Bananas 

sweet, cereal, banana, nut
Katherine Carroll

When I was younger, I would come home from school and there would always be a peanut butter and banana sandwich calling my name. This combination, made famous by Elvis Presley, is another case of #relationshipgoals.

7) Chicken and Waffles

syrup, caramel, maple syrup
Katie Elliott

Chicken and waffles may be the most unique combination on this list, but it is also one of the best tasting combinations I have ever tried. Down in the South, it can be found on many menus. Give this one a try if you are looking for some more love in your life.

8) Lemonade and Sweet Tea

sweet, gelatin, raspberry
Alexandra Hill

The combination of lemonade and sweet tea, also known as an Arnold Palmer has always been a go-to favorite during the summer in the South. 

9) Chocolate and Strawberries 

chocolate, sweet, candy, caramel, cream
Sristi Pradhan

Chocolate makes everything taste better. Strawberries are no exception to this rule. Chocolate is also the ultimate breakup food. So heres to hoping Brad and Angelina have some chocolate-covered strawberries to get them through their divorce.

Long live my favorite food combinations and hoping they get me through mourning the tragic end of my favorite celeb couple.