Lollapalooza may be known for good music, but do you know they how mouth-watering the summer festival’s food is? From Lobster Corndogs to Bacon Mac Dog and Triple Truffle Fries, Lollapalooza food never disappoints their Chow Town visitors.

When getting stuck in a sweaty mosh pit gets old, feel free to mosey on down to the snack tents to try some of these unreal foods.

1. Cheeseburger from Edzo’s Burger Shop

lollapalooza food

Photo by Natalie Marshall

Dinner…And a view. What’s better than eating a massive cheeseburger while staring at some hot Lolla boys? Eating a cheeseburger while staring at hot Lolla boys AND the beautiful Chicago Skyline.

2. Lobster Corndog from Graham Elliot Bistro

lollapalooza food

Photo by Madeline Karnes

Just when you think you’re biting into a classic festival snack, Graham Elliot hits you with a buttery and delicious lobster center. The truffle mayo and the paprika garnish are just icing on top of the deep fried cake.

3. Cookies and Cream Cone from The Original Rainbow Cone

lollapalooza food

Photo by Jordy Richman

The Original Rainbow Cone never disappoints, especially with their triple scoop cookies and cream cone. When that wonderful Midwest humidity pairs with your tiredness after ceaseless dancing to Disclosure’s beats, you’ll want nothing more than to lap up this lactose goodness.

4. Cheese Fries from Edzo’s Burgers

lollapalooza food

Photo courtesy of @bitch_peas on Instgram

Cheesus Christ these fries do the trick. Ignore the probable heart attack that could ensue from downing some of these bad boys, and instead focus on the salty and sweet goodness of each bite.

5. Signature Lollapalooza Water Cans

lollapalooza food

Photo by Marine Schlotter

After a full day—for some of us full days—of endless walking from stage to stage, you’ll likely be in need of some ice cold water. I know what you’re thinking, “My Camelbak isn’t filled with water, silly!” We know, and Lollapalooza knows, and for that very reason they designed these heavenly water cans to drink. They’re so well designed they’re Insta-worthy.

6. The Tenderizer Sandwich from Cheesie’s

lollapalooza food

Photo courtesy of @lollapalooza on Instagram

If it looks good, know it tastes even better. That’s all for now, folks.

7. Pork Sandwich from Pork and Mindy’s

lollapalooza food

Photo courtesy of @infatuation_chi on Instagram

This pork sandwich is so good, the Lollapalooza sign itself felt the need to photobomb the picture. Few things in the world are as mouthwatering as this beautiful creation.

8. Bacon Mac Dog and Triple Truffle Fries from Franks ‘n Dawgs

lollapalooza food

Photo courtesy of @312food on Instagram

Wait a second. Bacon? Mac n’ cheese? And truffle fries? All in one? I must be dreaming.

9. Snow Cones from Harris Ice

lollapalooza food

Photo courtesy of @lollapalooza on Instagram

Slurping up a snow cone mid-festival can be a cure-all for any Lollapalooza-goer. Be it the crying drunk friend or the mad boyfriend who witnessed his gf being hit on by another Lolla boy, a colorful snow cone from Harris Ice is always a good idea.