If you’re anything like me, nothing excites you more than kitchen appliances. Am I even a good cook? No, (not yet). But there are a ton of gadgets out there to help you make your time in the kitchen a little more enjoyable, and a little less messy. These relatively cheap items will soon be a rough outline to your Christmas list:

1. The Double Dish

double dish

Where to buy it: Amazon

Price: $15.17

Perfect for hosting a little dinner party at your place. This snack dish makes serving shelled nuts, olives, or anything that is stuck on a tooth pick easy. No more clutter on your coffee table by having a discard bowl for your pits and shells! And they’re dishwasher safe. #adulting

2. 3-1 Avocado Slicer

avocado slicer (400x400) (400x400) (2)

Where to buy it: Wayfair.com

Price: $10.80

For all you basic, avocado loving females out there… this one’s for you. With this instrument alone, you can cut, slice, and de-pit your avocado. Start by using the tip as a knife to cut it in half. Next, use the rounded center to get ahold of the pit to discard it without any hassle. Lastly, use the bottom to slice your avocado into strips, perfect for your artsy, food Instagram pleasures.

3. Strawberry Huller

strawberry huller

Where to buy it: Amazon

Price: $5.45

I know from personal experience how clutch this little guy is. Clicking the button at the top of the huller opens the claw, which allows you to extract the stem from the strawberry. This allows you to get the most out of your strawberry eating experience. And its wicked fun to use.

4. Good Grip Corn Peeler

corn peeler

Where to buy it: Wayfair.com

Price: $12.14

Oh how I wish my pubescent, brace-face self could have had a gadget such as this. With this tool, you no longer have to saw your corn back and forth with a knife to get those delicious kernels off the cob; just in time for BBQ season.

5. Salad Spinner

salad spinner

Where to buy it: Amazon

Price: $25.33

If you’re going to make the healthier choice and eat a salad over a hot dog at your next cookout, the salad needs to be up to par. My favorite kinds of salads are those where the lettuce is cold, crisp, and freshly washed, but not soaking wet. With this salad spinner, the moisture and liquid is extracted after just a few seconds of spinning, which gives your lettuce the crunch it’s been missing.

6. Citrus Sprayer

citrus sprayer (400x400)

Where to buy it: Wayfair.com

Price: $8.44

I find it hard to believe that this works… but if it does, I think I found my new favorite kitchen tool. Just screw on the spray top to your favorite citrus fruit, and spray away. Perfect addition to salads, tacos, fajitas, and more.

7. Indoor Herb Garden


Where to get it: Amazon

Price: $99.99

Maybe a little advanced for some foodies. However, who doesn’t love freshly grown herbs? or vegetables or salad greens? You can do it all with the AeroGarden. This indoor garden is equipped with an overhead fluorescent light, LCD control panel, and 7 pods that will eventually sprout to gorgeous plants.

8. Clever Cutter

clever cutter (1024x720) (800x563)

Where to buy it: Amazon

Price: $14.99

If you’re short for time when it comes to cooking, you’re going to need this interesting tool. The Clever Cutter, a 2-in-1 food chopper, combines a knife and cutting board into one, resembling something like a kitchen scissor! Where has this been all my life?

9. Pepper Corer

pepper corer

Where to buy it: Amazon

Price: $7.27

Coring your peppers no longer has to be a hassle. Just stick this device in the center of your bell pepper, twist, and pull out! Major key for stir fry and fajita lovers.

There you have it, your new Christmas wish list. These kitchen accessories can make even the laziest cook into an amazing chef. So, the next time you agree to host wine night, don’t stress about cooking, focus on eating instead.