The food industry is a world in itself, encompassing family farms and restaurants, grocery stores, and the massive companies that supply the majority of our meat, dairy, grains, and snacks. Despite being its own world, the food industry plays an extremely active role in everyone’s lives, so it is only natural to be curious about how it works.

Luckily, instead of having to read exhaustive articles about the food industry, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch a film or two. The following list of films captures various aspects of the industry and provides a taste of the processes involved in feeding the world.

Food, Inc.

This is perhaps the most well-known documentary about the modern food industry. It provides an engaging introduction to the controversial nature of issues like “factory farming” and genetically modifying food, as well as commentary on current legal matters involving large agricultural companies.

If you’re looking for a starting point in your sampling of the food industry, this is it.


A great counterpoint to Food Inc., this film follows the stories of six family farmers, and contrasts the widely publicized, controversial “factory farming” style with that practiced by the average farmer.

Farmland touches upon issues like the ethical treatment of animals and the use of GMOs from the farmers’ points of view and helps viewers fully appreciate the challenges faced by farmers today.

If you’ve ever dreamed of life on a farm, this film will help you see that it’s way more than just cows and corn.

Spinning Plates

This documentary presents three very different restaurants as representatives of the industry. It shows viewers the process of designing the ultimate dining experience, from a small family restaurant to a world-renowned establishment.

This film will make you question your food’s journey to your plate next time you go out to eat.

King Corn

Corn is a major part of the American food industry, and few people realize just how widespread its usage has become. This film reveals the shocking amount of corn Americans consume, and how that is affecting the nation’s health and the agricultural industry as a whole.

If you’ve ever wondered what xantham gum is, this is the film for you.

Super Size Me

Like Food Inc., this is another popular documentary and a must-see for anyone curious about the impact of the fast food industry on health and well-being.

With fast food being a growing industry and spreading its influence even into developing regions, no one can escape the importance of this film.

It will leave you questioning your next trip to the McDonald’s drive-thru.

Food Matters

This documentary delves a bit more into the impact of diet on health, and it shows that what we put on our plates affects how we function in our daily lives.

If you are interested in nutrition or simply want to eat healthier, this film will inspire you to make healthy changes.

Our Daily Bread

This film is very different from the others since it shows clips of food production processes with no narration, which allows you to make your own observations and opinions.

If you like to think for yourself and want an objective view into industrial food production, this is a must-see.

A Place at the Table

Food policy and assistance for the food insecure are major parts of the food industry that are becoming more and more important.

With lots college students now facing food insecurity, along with so many others in the US, everyone should be familiar with the ideas presented by this documentary.

If you want to work to end hunger and food insecurity, this film will provide you with a great starting point.

Hungry for Change

While it isn’t the first aspect of the greater food industry to come to mind, the diet industry is a major part of our culture, and it is important to understand how it works, and why it doesn’t often help achieve long-term health.

If you are sick of fad diets and wondering what actually works, this film will set you in the right direction.