As an international student studying in the United States, I am impressed by the range of "hipster" cafés present in my student town. These places typically have white-washed interiors, health food-dominated menus, or are known for serving yummy variations of the latest culinary craze.

When I lived in Milan, the city valued tradition and Italian cuisine above all. "Hipster" restaurants were few and far between, and traditional dishes still commanded the food scene. But in recent years, food destinations modeled after American "hipster" spots have begun to pop up. 

Below is a list of nine restaurants in Milan that are deliciously hipster, from restaurants specializing in steamed dishes to food trucks re-thinking traditional Italian plates and giving them an American twist. 

1. LùBar 

One of Milan's busiest hotspots, LùBar has food for every meal of the day, from their scrumptious, healthy breakfasts (seen above) to their quirky aperitivo noms served in innovative layouts.

The bistro is especially known for its artisanal Sicilian products, which include Arancini (fried, stuffed rice balls with various fillings), cannoli made with fresh ricotta, and Cioccolato di Modica

Its interior design consists of high ceilings and white furniture, giving it a "regal meets hipster" look. Come here for a perfect fusion of Southern Italian cuisine with a trendy Milanese vibe. 

2. Meatball Family Food Truck

This food truck combines Italian tradition with the best part of greasy American cuisine. Interesting meatball variations include veal, chicken leg, and even baccalà. These can be served with a range of sauces and sides, the latter of which include fries, charred scamorza cheese, chickpeas, and much more. 

Meatball Family's innovative recipes provide a filling, quick, and exciting lunchtime stop, ideal for those who are adventurous with their tastebuds yet pressed for time.

3. That's Vapore

That's Vapore is the latest obsession of working adults in the city. Why? Because the eatery's dishes are light yet filling, flavorful without being extreme, and easy on the wallet. They specialize in steamed dishes, grain bowls, salads and refreshing smoothies.

Extra points for their "health bakery," which uses only organic ingredients and is the perfect stop for a late afternoon snack. 

Their ingredients are fresh, the ambience is relaxing, and whether you're a tourist or someone living and working in the city, That's Vapore is a great place to stop and refuel. 

4. Biancolatte

Another favorite amongst people working in the area, Biancolatte will make you wait in line for a table, but its scrumptious, affordable food is completely worth it. 

For breakfast, enjoy their tray reminiscent of childhood breakfasts in bed. For lunch and dinner, sit in their living room-like store and feast on piadina bouquets, fresh pasta with aromatic basil, and other re-thought Milanese dishes.

My favorite thing about Biancolatte is the way the interior design makes one feel at home. Its understated elegance provides a nice break from the four walls of the office, and the restaurant's general atmosphere is happy and bubbly. 

5. Hambistro

Hambistro, located near the trendy Navigli area, serves wonderful gourmet burgers, a fad that in itself has taken over Milan. Interesting burger variations include a tuna burger marinated with soy sauce, honey, and sesame seeds that's served with arugula and ginger mayonnaise, as well as a veggie burger made of broccoli, leek, and chickpeas.  

It's an adorable little shop on a secluded street, so stop by in little groups for foodgasms and Insta-worthy pictures at this adorable little hole in the wall. 

6. Deus Cafe

An edgy, modern eatery, Deus Cafe is owned by the Australian motorcycle company Deus Ex Machina. Brunch favorites include "Venice beach," and "Parramatta road." Meanwhile, staples like their avocado toast and their Deus burger with spicy guacamole and bacon are served all day. 

Hidden in a little courtyard amongst tall buildings, Deus Cafe's nature-filled terrace and outdoor seating make one feel as if they are no longer in the city center. It's a great place to go if your lunch breaks are a little longer, and you and your co-workers would like to gossip in a relaxing environment. 

7. Viva 

A healthy yet fast option for people who need to have lunch on the go, Viva is known for having two extremely important things: refreshing dishes and long lines that go fast. 

One can choose to either make their own salad or select a pre-made one from the large refrigerator that also houses fresh fruit cups, energizing smoothies, and filling yogurt chalices.

If you're scared of putting "junk" in your body, or if you're allergic/intolerant to basically everything, Viva promises fresh, organic food and vegan sauces, and so you can enjoy your food without stressing about possible unwanted reactions. 

8. TOM. 

TOM. (The Ordinary Market) is well known for it's high-quality "American Bar," yet it is their scrumptious brunch menu that steals the show. It houses all the latest gastronomical fads, including Hawaiian Ahi Poke, a Salmon Black Burger, and quinoa served with cream of avocado.

TOM. is the perfect place for a boozy brunch, as it is a roomy space with chill vibes where you and your friends can talk and laugh as loud as you want. Their wide selection of cuisines will also satisfy your wildest of cravings. 

9. Macha Café 

As is seen from the picture above, this absolutely foodgasmic café is basic bitch heaven. From avocado smoked salmon burgers, to poke bowls with fresh sashimi cubes, to super healthy toasts piled high with salad leaves and fish, this cute eatery will cater to your inner basic girl. 

Apart from being Instagram-worthy, the restaurant's cute layout gives nothing but good vibes, and the smiley service makes the short wait for a table worth it. Plus, it's the only café in Milan that specializes in matcha, so why not jump on the hipster bandwagon and try it?

So, if you're in ever in the city and wanna take a break from eating pasta and pizza, try one of these trendy eateries. If you're a tourist, it will be nice to get out of tourist central and not eat bland, over-priced food. If you're a native with boring eating habits, it will be fun to challenge your tastebuds.