If you love food, you have to love Thanksgiving. It’s always the best spread of food platters and dishes, filled with seasonal deliciousness, and it’s also the one day of the year where there’s absolutely no judgment if you choose to eat your body weight.

But secretly, the best part about Thanksgiving is the insane amount of leftovers you’ll (hopefully) have once the day is done. You might even be lucky enough to bring some back to school with you after the long weekend is over.

Tired of the microwave? Here’s some creative ways to eat those leftovers.

1. Use roasted veggies in an omelet

Thanksgiving leftovers

Photo by Alex Tom

Literally every vegetable tastes good in an omelet, whether it’s caramelized onions, roasted mushrooms, steamed broccoli or even corn and Brussels sprouts. Don’t know how to make an omelet? Here you go.

2. Cranberry sauce with breakfast

Thanksgiving’s sweet cranberry sauce can make a delicious substitute for maple syrup at breakfast time on top of your pancakes or waffles.

3. Sweet potato and bacon mac n’ cheese

Photo by Kelda Baljon

Throw the leftover sweet potato, whether it was roasted or pureed, into some macaroni and cheese bacon goodness.

4. Turkey chili

Thanksgiving leftovers

Photo by Alex Weiner

Fall is a great time for hearty soups, so replace the chicken in this recipe with your leftover turkey and you’re in business.

5. Make a master salad

Throw the vegetables, sweet potatoes, turkey and whatever else into a bowl with your favorite lettuce for a quick, no-recipe idea to help you clean out the fridge.

6. Cranberry sauce on your protein

Thanksgiving leftovers

Photo by Elysa Belarge

Cranberry sauce really doesn’t have to be limited to just your turkey and mashed potatoes. Instead, try putting it on top of a piece of grilled chicken or a burger.

7. Turkey salad sandwich

Thanksgiving leftovers

Photo by Parisa Soraya

Similar to a typical chicken salad, this sandwich will keep you eating that delicious turkey in a creative way.

8. Sweet potato breakfast hash

Thanksgiving leftovers

Photo by Tiffany Chen

Combine some sweet potatoes with grilled vegetables for a delicious breakfast hash. I recommend adding a fried egg to the mix to really start your day with a bang.

9. Turkey sandwich with a twist

Thanksgiving leftovers

Photo courtesy of nelliebellie.com

Practically everything on the Thanksgiving table can go into a great sandwich. The cranberry sauce, stuffing and especially the roasted veggies let you taste Thanksgiving all in one bite.

However you prefer to eat them, just do it, because no food should go to waste.