Whether you’re looking for a part-time job in college or looking for a place to work after graduation, there are some key factors needed to be taken into consideration before deciding where to work.

Sure, you could look at a suitable income or perhaps the physical demands of the job, but it all boils down to where you will be happy. And we all know food = happiness. So here’s a list of places that offer up some pretty great employee food perks.


Food perks

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Free burritos. Need I say more? But really, if you work here, you’ll enjoy a free meal every time you work and 50 percent off when you’re not working.


Food perks

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If you want to work here, be prepared to work hard. But also be prepared to get a well-deserved burger and fries for free at every shift. Also get invited to company-sponsored events like their picnic and Christmas party with more free food. It’s a pretty sweet deal.

Whole Foods Market 

Food perks

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On top of a variety of benefits you’ll receive working at Whole Foods Market, you’ll also receive a discount card on your first day. This will give you 20 percent off store-wide. Get an even higher discount if you meet the criteria of being a healthy individual. They take your blood pressure, BMI, cholesterol, and smoking status into account.

Trader Joe’s

Food perks

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We all know Trader Joe’s employees are some of the friendliest people around. Seriously, how are they so happy all the time? Trader Joe’s seems to be doing something right. Employees receive 10 percent off in store.

This doesn’t seem like much but on top of the already low prices, every bit adds up. One of the coolest perks? TJ’s hires people to basically travel to different places around the world to eat and bring back information. OK, not bad. And let’s not forget the free samples every day.


Food perks

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This one’s for all you Starbuck’s addicts out there. Free coffee, tea, or milk-based drinks during and 30 minutes before and after your shift. Added to the Starbuck’s perks is a food “markout” during each shift, like a tasty pastry or panini. You’ll also receive an entire pound of whole-bean coffee a week or be able to substitute a box of K-Cup® packs, a box of Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew packets, or a box of 12 coffee pods.

Not done yet… You get a 30 percent discount on drinks, food, and merchandise when not on duty. Do what you want with this information.


Food perks

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Let’s start by mentioning there’s such thing known as the “Facebook 15.” Responsible for this is the Facebook Culinary Team who serves employees three free and delicious meals a day, five days a week. The Facebook campus includes two cafes, a BBQ shack, a burger bar, a juice bar, a pizza stand, Fuki Sushi restaurant, a taqueria, a salad shop, and a sweet shop.

If that’s not enough, there are fully stocked micro-kitchens in every building with free chips, cookies, candy, and drinks. And this is just a taste of the many perks of working here.


Another social media company that really knows how to go big. They also offer employees three free meals a day, five days a week made by the Bon Appetit Management Company. Check out their twitter account to see some of the delicious things they serve, including healthy meals and snacks. They get pretty fancy with foods, with items like seared halibut and sashimi. So much respect, Twitter.


Food perks

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These guys are no less impressive. Google also offers free gourmet breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Options include anywhere from vegetarian choices to ethnic foods from around the world. Setting it apart is Google’s dedication to healthy, fresh, and organic meals.

Snack rooms are loaded with snacks, organic dairy, and fruits and drinks. All of this plus products are from growers no more than 200 miles away. There are coffee and juice bars throughout campus. They also decided to plant a garden full of fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Talk about dedication to fresh.

Ben and Jerry’s

Food perks

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This one may be a personal favorite. Besides the benefits of getting to work for a company that makes some of the greatest flavors out there, employees get to take home 3 pints of ice cream… Every single day. Dream job? I think yes.

So here’s a thank you to all the companies out there who make it a priority to satisfy their employees in ways that really matter.