Where my people at? There are some things that Jews just get. They understand your jappy side, your constant jewish geography connections from camp and, of course, your obsession with food. But hey, it’s not our fault our food is just so scrumptiously irresistible. This is the ultimate list of Jewish foods everyone wants to eat on the daily.

1. Challah


Photo by Malia Hu

Nothing screams Jew-time louder than this golden brown loaf of happiness. A Jewish classic, the hardened outer shell tears apart, exposing its fluffy insides. Whether it’s dipped in honey or smothered with butter, this staple is always 100.

Leftovers? Have no fear, hit some of these ideas up. No challah left behind.

2. Ba(e)gels


Photo by Ashley Hamati

This is a passionate subject of mine. I like to believe people originally came up with the term bae to describe the relationship one might have with this magical food. Coming from a gal who would take a trip to NYC just to get the newest, trendiest bagels, nothing beats these all around faves.

From your classic cream cheese with lox (stay tuned), to being stuffed with the all-time favorite of mine (BECAT – bacon egg cheese avocado tomato), heck, even throw some mac and cheese in there for gigs, these things take your average sandwich bread to a whole new level. Bagels are forever the original and best bae.

Honestly, I could say it better myself than this article right hur entitled 7 Bagels That Are Better Than Boys. Sorry boys, scooch on over.

3. Kugel


Photo by Rebecca Seigel

Hello holy wonderfulness. Combine your idea of yummy, fluffy egg noodles with a sweet gooey consistency that just melts the second it reaches your mouth. The first time I had kugel, I admit, I was a bit confused. Why are these noodles so sweet? But that questioning immediately disappeared when I took my next bite… and then the next… and then the next… and the next.

Whoops, the pan’s gone, who did that? Hit me up with a plate of this scrumptious dish any night of the week and I’ll say l’chaim to that.

4. Coconut Macaroons


Photo by Amanda Shulman

No, I don’t mean the colorful Macaroons from Laduree on every food blog or white girl’s instagram nowadays. These hefty little desserts fill your tummy with coconutty goodness suitable for a sweet-treat craving any day of the year. And hey, chocolate can’t hurt right? Dip these little bundles of joy in a hot pan of milk chocolate for a little extra oomph of yum. If you want a good time, follow this recipe.

5. Latkes


Photo courtesy of toriavey.com

Nothing smells better than mama frying up some potatoes on the stove. What are two of the world’s greatest things? Potatoes and pancakes, straight up. So, what if we were to combine the two? Utter deliciousness. Sizzle sizzle, little lovelies. Tell me this picture doesn’t make you want to lick your computer screen, yeah, thought so. You can lick them in real life, too, just by following this recipe.

Wanna go even crazier? Take latkes to the next level with this bad boy.

6. Lox


Photo by Mackenzie Barth

Say hello to a bagel’s best friend. Honestly, I ain’t a fish lover. I think fish are super cute and fun to look at in the tank at my doctor’s office, but hand me a piece of raw tuna and I gotta pass. Lox, on the other hand, I’ll take in bulk. This salty, fishy classic pairs perfectly with cream cheese on top of, you guessed it, a baegle. A classic Jewish addition that even makes a fish-hater salivate.

7. Matzah Ball Soup


Photo courtesy of staceysnacksonline.com

Chicken soup is the all-time cure-all. But adding matzah balls gives it that extra oomph of perfection. These fluffy white balls of utter deliciousness soaked in mama’s chicken broth makes Matzah Ball soup the real deal. Sorry chicken soup, I love ya, but throw in some of these while you’re at it.

8. Flourless Chocolate Cake


Photo by Justin Shannin

Ditch the flour because this is the real deal. Imagine chocolate cake. But minus the fluffiness. Minus the icing. Double the density and richness. I know, I know, it does exist. And yes, it rocks. 

Flourless chocolate cake gives a new meaning to chocolatey. For a true chocolate lover, like myself, one tiny slice is all it takes for a truly satisfying chocoholic experience. I mean, just look at this. 

Honestly. Look. Keep looking. Don’t stop looking. Take it all in. Check out this flourless chocolate cake for a truly epic experience.

9. Chocolate Covered Matzoh


Photo courtesy of sodiumgirl.com

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, chocolate makes everything better. It’s not up for debate. Dark, milk, white, whatever it is, smother it on a brick, and I’m sure it’ll be tasty AF. Passover is that dreaded time of the year when us Jews have to say goodbye to our beloved bread *tear* and say hello to bread’s uglier twin sister, Matzoh.

I’ve tried all the recipes in the book to make this dry, crunchy substitute somewhat tasty (butter and salt, pb&j, pizza, nutella, you name it) but chocolate matzoh might just take the cake. We might have to eat unleavened bread, but this ish is yummylicious.


Gif courtesy of giphy.com

Stay kosh, spooners.