Finding the perfect box of chocolates can be hard. There’s a lot of pressure on Valentine’s Day, and you don’t want to be the one to show up with a Whitman’s Sampler you bought at the drugstore an hour before dinner. Nobody deserves a sad excuse of a candy filled with cherry goo the color of bubblegum (no, not even your ex). So in order to show your boo the love they deserve, skip the cheap stuff, put in that extra effort and check out the coolest boxes of chocolates from around the web. Perhaps you’re treating yourself this year on V-day, so in that case these are great treats to devour all at once. No judgment.

1. Chocology Unlimited


Photo courtesy of Chocology Unlimited

Not only does Chocology offer some of the most luxurious looking chocolate boxes that you’ve ever seen, they also have insane flavor combinations, like banana bread and beer or cherry ganache and amaretto. Plus, there’s nothing quite like red wine- or champagne-flavored chocolate to win over your Valentine’s date by showcasing your comprehensive and mature palate.

2. MarieBelle New York


Photo Courtesy of MarieBelle New York

MarieBelle New York creates unique chocolates with vintage pictures printed on top of each piece. Each picture has its ow unique flavor so you can literally taste the rainbow (in chocolates). As a bonus, the chocolate comes in beautiful blue boxes or tote bags that will set the tone for any romantic evening. We must warn you that the packaging is easily mistaken for expensive jewelry, so be prepared for a potentially disappointing reaction from your loved one.

3. Visual Anatomical Limited


Photo Courtesy of Visual Anatomy Limited

For all the pre-med lovers out there, here’s the perfect box of chocolates for an M.D.-to-be. Not only can you buy anatomically-correct hearts in milk and dark chocolate, but you can buy brains, livers, colons, and if you’re feeling a little frisky, a box featuring ovaries, testicles, and sperm. Just like any good lover, these chocolates look good enough to eat.

4. Taza Chocolate

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If you want to spread the love beyond your significant other, you’ve got to choose Taza Chocolates. They’ve got personal relationships with their farmers and use a stone grinding technique from Oaxaca, Mexico to create vegan and GMO-free chocolates. You can literally give this to anybody and rack up the good karma. And perhaps the most important reason to buy Taza? Fair trade gets you laid.

5. Jacques Torres Chocolate New York


Photo Courtesy of Jacques Torres

Jacques Torres offers gorgeous milk chocolate truffles with Taittinger Brut La Française champagne in them, which means you can buy the two best parts of Valentine’s Day in one place. Alcohol + Chocolate = Good Time.

6. Chocomize

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It happened. Somebody combined bacon and chocolate and made it classy enough to give to somebody this Valentine’s Day. The Bacon Collection has smoked, double smoked, apple smoked and maple cured bacon chocolates, and probably knows how to please your date better than you do. The downside of this option is that you’ll have to settle for second, because bacon is everyone’s first true love.

7. What Candy Says LLC


Photo Courtesy of Chocolate Says

Some people have a way with words, and others just don’t… For those of us who can’t find the words, these adorable chocolate boxes are sure to make up for it. They’re available with various phrases like “I love your face,”  “I give you my heart,” and “I’m so glad you found me.” The letters also come in milk and white chocolate, so there’s no excuse not to send a sweet message to someone this Valentine’s Day.

8. Lagusta’s Luscious


Photo Courtesy of Lagusta’s Luscious

Lagusta’s Luscious makes gorgeous chocolate boxes with some of the coolest flavors available, like coriander-beet or Harissa, and some of the chocolates come covered in flower petals. Beauty and a flair for the dramatic? It’s like a rom-com in your mouth.

9. Sockerbit

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Finally for the (lame) chocolate haters, there’s Sockerbit, the Swedish candy company that makes insane sour gummy candies. You can get skull or lip shaped candies, or you can just choose based on which Swedish name sounds the funniest to you. Either way, you’re going to get a candy that tastes pretty damn good.

Whatever you choose to buy for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day, make sure it’s good enough that you’d to want to steal a piece or two. Remember, it isn’t true love if they aren’t willing to share chocolate with you. Also, if plans fall through, at least you have a kickass box of chocolates to eat.

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