Trader Joe’s may well be the GREATEST place on Earth, but how can one tell for sure? We all know it from its irresistible cookie butter (some of us a little too well) and its addicting dark chocolate peanut butter cups (or the dangerously delicious combo of them both), but they’re just the tip of the iceberg. Trader Joe’s snacks are a mighty thing to behold, and taste. Considering their consistently cheap and affordable prices, what excuse could you possibly have against trying them?

1. Partially Popped Popcorn with Butterscotch & Sea Salt – $2.49

trader joe's

Photo courtesy of @chan_askins on Instagram

If you’re the person that picks the half-popped kernels in a bag of popcorn (or if you like Corn Nuts), this snack is for you. And the butterscotch takes it up a notch. Definitely worth the buy, trust me.

2. Banana Chips – $1.39

trader joe's

Photo by Sabrina Kistler

Banana chips are amazing by themselves, or to use in this cookie dough dip. You could even add them to trail mix, oatmeal, cereal, ice cream… I think you get the idea.

3. Italian Truffle Cheese – $5.76

trader joe's

Photo by Matthew Wenger

Okay, this one is a bit pricier, but it’s pretty darn fancy too. If you’re ever in the mood for a wine night (for under $9 with three-buck-Chuck), or just for a decadent mid-afternoon pick-me-up, this is the cheese for you.

4. “Inner Peas” Baked Green Pea Snack – $1.49

trader joe's

Photo by Emma Shellhamer

They’re healthier than potato chips and almost as delicious. Get these. You won’t be sorry.

5. Butternut Squash Zig Zags – $2.99

trader joe's

Photo courtesy of @diane.practicalpaleo on Instagram

You know the feeling when you want fries but you also want to be healthy? Sure, you could turn a vegetable into a fry, but that takes a lot of effort. Thankfully, Trader Joe’s has answered our prayers and does all the work for us.

6. “Just Beets” Chips – $2.99

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Photo courtesy of @kylesmomkaty on Instagram

Guess what these guys are made of? I’ll give you two hints: it’s a root vegetable, and it’s red. Any ideas?

7. Chipotle Black Bean Dip – $1.69

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Spicy and savory, this dip goes great with tortilla chips, on quesadillas, or by itself. And it’s only $1.69. Can it get any better?

8. Cold Pressed Watermelon Juice – $3.49

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Photo courtesy of @traderjoeslist on Instagram

Trader Joe’s juice = best juice ever. It’s delicious and nutritious like the kind that people love to cleanse their bodies with, but it’s not over ten dollars a bottle. Their watermelon one is straightforward, refreshing, and absolutely delicious.

9. Popcorn in a Pickle – $1.99

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All I have to say is don’t knock it ’till you try it.