Baltimore isn’t called “Charm City” for no reason. With the addicting Old Bay, the cute world of Little Italy, and family-owned restaurants popping up at every corner, there is so much to explore. Heck, I have been coming to Baltimore to eat amazing food ever since I was a kid and there are so many things I have yet to try (like those rosemary duck fat fries from Mi and Yu Noodle Bar – my mouth is already watering).

That being said, it’s hard to keep track of what foods you must try. Luckily, thanks to technology and the lovely app of Instagram, foodies are taking the reins. Though @spoon_hopkins has got you covered, you simply must follow these nine awesome Baltimore food Instagrams exploring the Greatest City in America in a delicious, new way.

1. Jordan of @jzeats


Photo courtesy of @jzeats on Instagram

Growing up with a love of good food and strong inspiration from her dad, Jordan decided to start food blogging five months ago. With her vivid pictures and witty captions, Jordan takes you to places you need to visit. When she is not finding the secret spots in Baltimore, Jordan is either in the kitchen creating her original recipes or giving her cat a shower (no lie). Follow her on Instagram or Facebook to get the latest updates and recipes.

Favorite place to eat: Encantada, Fed Hill

2. Chris of @eatmorebaltimore


Photo courtesy of @eatmorebaltimore on Instagram

Wanting to expose people to the bright and cultural side of Baltimore (you know, going beyond the “The Wire”), Chris started his Instagram in March 2015. Along with cooking up some yummy Bananas Foster, Chris is busily exploring the go-to places to eat in Baltimore. With 19,300 followers, it is very clear that his food photography and recommendations are stellar. Want to see where you should eat out for dinner? Go ahead and click on Chris’s awesome account.

Favorite place to eat: TBD, but really loves Gunther & Co., Canton.

3. Rachel of @liketheteaeats


Photo courtesy of @liketheteaeats on Instagram

If you don’t find Rachel nomming on a pizza from Hersh’s or skiing in the nearby mountains, she is most likely eating her way through Baltimore. Rachel only started her Instagram in March 2016, yet has reached over 2,000 followers so far (this girl is on fire). It is no surprise, really. Her drool-worthy food photography and informative blog keep everyone updated on the latest restaurants in town.

Favorite place to eat: Sobo Cafe, Fed Hill

4. Ashley of @neverbeenso


Photo courtesy of @neverbeenso on Instagram

It’s hard to believe that Ashley used to be a picky eater up until five years ago –chicken tenders and mac n’ cheese comprised the majority of her diet (I mean, who wouldn’t eat just those two items?). Since then, Ashley has been craving all the flavors she has been missing out and started her food blog to document her experiences. With her colorful and warm food pictures, Ashley beautifully showcases Baltimore’s best eats.

Favorite place to eat: Barcocina, Fells Point

5. Megan and Caroline of @seemoreeatmorebmore


Photo courtesy of @glennab28 on Instagram

Megan and Caroline, best friends since college, decided to start their epic Instagram to become more involved in the Baltimore community – and what better way than through food? From regramming to posting their original, appetizing photos, this dynamic duo is highlighting Baltimore’s hottest food spots.

While Megan is training for a triathlon and Caroline is teaching herself to play the guitar, these girls still have the time to scope out the most delicious dishes in town. Check out their Instagram to join in on their various adventures in Charm City.

Favorite place to eat: Megan: Kooper’s, Fells Point; Caroline: Miss Shirley’s, Inner Harbor.

6. Melissa of @cravingcurrently


Photo courtesy of @cravingcurrently on Instagram

In the mood for the latest fashion trends, lifestyles, and must-try foods in Baltimore? Then check out Melissa’s perfectly balanced account. Inspired to embrace life to the fullest, she takes you along on her many Baltimore experiences. If she is not wandering the bazaar underneath the Jones Falls Expressway, she is most likely dining at Artifact Coffee or whipping up her delicious Baked Buffalo Chicken Tacos (Melissa, you better send some our way).

Favorite place to eat: The Food Market, Hampden

7. Andrea of @bmore_hungry


Photo courtesy of @bmore_hungry on Instagram

Striving to give the best food recommendations to her friends, Andrea started her account in January 2015. From scoping out the newest family-owned restaurants to cooking her delicious blackened salmon with cauliflower rice (yum), her account has been on point.

Fun fact: Andrea’s favorite food event in Baltimore is Tapas in the City (check out their Instagram, too). She describes it as “pop-up dinners at Baltimore’s best restaurants.” If you’re looking for some top food places in Baltimore or a hilarious food pun to brighten your day (Andrea always pairs an original food pun with her posts), follow this account.

Favorite place to eat: Peter’s Inn, Fells Point

8. Jason of @officialfoodgroup


Photo courtesy of @officialfoodgroup on Instagram

@Officialfoodgroup is actually compromised of seven hungry men (Jason, Andrew, Jerry, Mark, Mike, Will and Cody) who expose the hottest spots to eat in Florida, DC, and of course, Baltimore. Racking up close to 50,000 followers, these guys have been highlighting the best places to eat for more than two years. Thanks to their high quality iPhone pics (and their epic videography), you can join in on the adventure. So what are you waiting for? Click that “follow” button ASAP.

Favorite place to eat: Cava Mezze, Harbor East

9. Alex of @thebaltimorefoodjournal


Photo courtesy of @thebaltimorefoodjournal on Instagram

A guy who can speak three languages, rock out on the drums, and take heavenly food photos, Alex is one talented person. Born and raised in Baltimore, he decided to start his account to explore the best restaurants in his hometown.

While studying to be a sommelier, Alex works in a fine dining restaurant – yup, this guy really knows his stuff. If you want to take part in some giveaways or learn something about this lovely city, check out his Instagram.

Favorite place to eat: Cinghiale, Harbor East