What's a better way to beat the heat and indulge on a sweet snack than to devour a ton of fruit? Nothing, duh. Since, fruits are packed with nutrients and are a filling snack and healthy treat. The monotonous bananas and strawberries aren't always so appealing when they're around all the time. Asian fruits are a staple in my diet that haven't yet hit the mainstream market, and there are some that you just need to try. I've compiled a list of my favorites so you can work on hunting them down.

1. Mango

sweet, mango
Gabby Quintana

If you've ever been lucky enough to travel to or live in Asia then you know nothing's better than a juicy Mango. There are a few different types that range from Alphonso to Langra, both which can be used in many recipes such as to make mango ice-cream or have it with yogurt . Mango should be your go-to summer fruit. 

2. Mangosteen

rambutan, lychee, purple mangosteen, sweet
Delaney Coleman

Mangosteen is definitely a  must try. This fruit has a thick red shell and soft white center and is so fascinating to look at. It's the perfect balance between the sweet and sour which really sets the fruit apart. 

3. Yangmei 

When strawberry is too basic for you, try the Chinese version called Bayberry or Yangmei. This can be eaten plain, dried or fermented in makebaijiu, a type of Chinese Liquor. Cause who doesn't want to get drunk with a fruit. 

4. Pomela

If you are one of those people (like me) that has to go to a Thai restaurant and order a Pomelo Salad. Then wait till you try the real deal - just a simple fruit. You will be longing for more. 

5. Kumquat 

Kumquat is a citrusy fruit found in various parts of Asia such as China, Japan and Taiwan. If you like your fruits sour then you must try this Asian fruit. But if you are a fan of the sweet stuff then you can have it when it's made into  candy, jelly and marmalade. Kumquat's are unique because you just pop the entire thing in your mouth, no need to peel it. 

6. Chiku

For all those dessert lovers out there Chiku will be your new favorite Asian fruit, the Asian version of a kiwi. Not only is this a sugary delight but it is also a good source of Vitamin A and C and a huge provider of energy

7. Pulasan 

Pulasan, often confused with Rambutan, is a sweeter version of Lychee. Once you try Pulasan in a hot cocoa like beverage you will never be able to have the regular hot cocoa anymore. But if you aren't a fan of cocoa you can always have it raw and not be disappointed either.  

8. Papaya 

Papaya is a very commonly found Asian fruit and a must try. It is the ideal way to start your day as it is filling, satiating and to top that of also boosts your immune system. 

9. Santol 

Santol has a culmination of both sweet and sour flavors making it the perfect treat. It is cool, creamy and adding a few spices to it makes it the real deal. However, if you aren't a fan of adding spices to your fruit you can have it or raw or once it has been made into jam

Whether, you want something sweet like Chiku, sour like Kumquat or fresh like Papya that is up to you.  But now that you have a list of a bunch of Asian fruits that you have just gotta to try. I guess it is time to take a trip to Asia or at least to an Asian supermarket near by.