Thanksgiving is all about tradition. You’ve got your mashed potatoes, your stuffing, your cranberry sauce and above all, the turkey. But aren’t you tired of the same thing every year? It’s time to break free from your basic Thanksgiving celebration and make something truly Instagram-worthy. Besides, it’s about time you started your own traditions. So, here are some strange birds to consider this year.

1. Bacon-Wrapped Turkey:

BACON. Don’t ask questions.


Photo by Brianna Maynes

2. Microwave Turkey:

This may be the lazy man’s method of cooking a turkey, but hey, it works. As long as you’ve got a microwave and a turkey, you’re set in no time.


Photo by Rags Kanyi

3. Crockpot Turkey:

Ok, so maybe cooking that prize turkey for Thanksgiving should be a bit more artful than this. But again, it gets the job done. This one’s for those of you who just want to eat turkey and move on with your lives. I feel ya.

Photo by: Sonja Sarr
Photo by Sonja Sarr

4. Turkey Cake:

This is an all-in-one, deluxe Thanksgiving extravaganza. It’s your one-stop-shop for this year’s meal. Plus, you’ll have less dishes, so you’ll have more time to explain to grandpa who Siri is.


Photo Courtesy of

5. Tofurkey:

Shoutout to all my vegetarians (not sure why you’re looking at a post about turkey, but welcome!). Who says you can’t enjoy a delicious turkey-like dish, too? Plus, you’re saving some calories, so who’s really enjoying this holiday?


Photo by Bianca Phillips

6.  Beer Can Turkey:

Gentlemen, here you have it. Now you can drink your beer and eat it, too. Cheers to that.


Photo by Joshua Bousel

7. Haute Couture Turkey:

If you’re a fashionista or the class clown, this one’s for you. It’s hilarious and stylish and just, why not?


Photo Courtesy of The Whole Enchilada

8. Deep-Fried Turkey:

Think about how nicely this will go with some biscuits and a sweet tea. Happy Thanksgiving, y’all.


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