We’ve all had those days (or full semesters) when our eating and drinking habits are just all over the place. However, it’s totally okay because college kids goes through it together. Here are the 8 weird diet habits you most likely experienced this year (and would probably be considered questionable if you weren’t in college).

1. Literally forgetting to eat

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You’ve inevitably been through those days when you’re in the library for hours writing that 20 paged paper, only to realize when you’re about to go to bed that your head is pounding and you’re nauseous.

You try and look back on the food you had that day and think “maybe it was the…” Wait, you’ve eaten nothing all day and you’re about two seconds away from giving up on all things good in the world.

2. Days when you eat the world

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Then there are the days when you consume more than you’ve eaten in the last year all together. On days of back to back studying (or being hungover or netflixing) it’s probable that you’ve eaten at least one of every item in the caf, all the snacks in your room (and in your roomie’s side of the room), ordered dominoes, and NOTHING can stop you.

3. Drinking alcohol any day, any time

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9:00 am on Monday and feeling like it’s gonna be a long day? Sure, vodka sounds solid. 7:00 pm on Wednesday and you just failed your math test? Yo, malibu, don’t mind if I do.

Parents and doctors find this concerning, but when you’re in college, not only will there be no judgments for drinking at literally any time you feel like it, but your friends will totally be down to join in on the festivities. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?

4. Mac and cheese becomes a fruit and a vegetable

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Let’s be real, everyone has experienced a time when Easy Mac is eaten for every single meal for a week straight. Who has time to go all the way to the caf when you can eat Easy Mac in the comfort of your own bed for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

 5. Putting peanut butter on everything

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Nothing makes studying more bearable than peanut butter. Peanut butter and jelly? Yes. Peanut butter with oreos? Never a question. Peanut butter on chips, pasta, or chicken? Sure man, just all the peanut butter.

6. Spontaneous health kicks that last a day

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After those regretful days of eating everything in sight and adding ten pounds of peanut butter to every food you can imagine, getting fit and healthy sounds like the best decision…Until you can’t stand salads anymore and go back to eating all of America.

7. Buying an absurd amount of late night food

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Whether you’re drunk, up studying, or just hungry, you’ve definitely eaten more food at 3:00 am than you thought was humanly possible. Your initial thoughts are “If I order it, everyone will eat some right???” You realize later that you are alone, ate everything, and woke up wishing Beyoncé’s lyrics weren’t applicable to your life.

8. Never being on an actual eating schedule

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When you’re home, it’s so easy to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner around the same time every day (like normal people do). At college, though, between your differently timed classes, club meetings, sports games, and most importantly, afternoon naps you don’t have time for planned eating routines.

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