We all know beer is made for drinking. But whether you love it or hate it, here are 8 uses for beer that do not include drinking.

1. Furniture Polish


Photo by Erin Servey

Spills are not generally thought of as a good thing but if you spill a little bit of beer on a wooden table you’ve got yourself an instant polish. Have leftover beer from last night? Apply it to your furniture with a soft cloth. Flat beer is recommended.

2. Hair Rinse


Photo By Erin Servey

Apparently the hops in beer contain silica which fortifies and strengthens hair. After shampooing and/or conditioning you can pour some beer over your hair, rinse it out or leave in. This will ensure healthier, shinier, hair. Warning: you may end up smelling like a frat house.

3. Foot-Soak

This one sounds bizarre but it works. Add a can of beer to warm water in a basin and stick your feet in. The antioxidants and nutrients in the beer will nourish and smooth you skin. Beer can also help with fungal problems like Athlete’s Foot.

4. Stain Removal

Why buy carpet stain removal when you have beer?  Pour a bit of beer on your shameful carpet stains (I don’t judge). Rub it lightly and the stain should disappear. Then, once the stain is no longer visible, soak and vacuum the beer out of the spot as to not leave a smell.

5. Beer Bread


Photo By Erin Servey

Many people already use beer in food such as chicken but not many people know you can use it to make bread. Here is an easy four ingredient Beer Bread recipe. Try it, you’ll never go back to regular bread!

6. Pest Catcher

Slugs and mice are two of the many pests attracted to beer. Set out a bowl of beer and the pests will crawl up, drink some, and get stuck. Metaphor for college life?

7. Get Better Sleep

That’s right, you can use beer to help you sleep better. This does not have to include drinking it.

The hops in beer are proven to improve your sleep rhythm. So, rub a bit of beer onto your pillow and see if that helps with your insomnia!

8. Beer Bottle Music

Have you run out of beer? No worries, there is still fun to be had. Gather up some friends and fill the empty bottles up with different levels of water in order to produce different notes, creating musical instruments.

Visit the Youtube channel of Art Fido for this music video of them playing Billie Jean on bottles.