We made a Thanksgiving ranking so you can skip the subpar sides and feast on the good stuff. That being said, each part of the Thanksgiving dinner has a place, but that does not mean you actually have to eat it. 

8.  Cranberry Sauce

I don't understand the appeal of cranberry sauce. I try it every year hoping to love it, and each time I am disappointed by the bitter flavor. I wouldn't waste my time (and stomach capacity) with any form of cranberry sauce. 

7.  Green Bean Casserole

I have nothing against green beans and vegetables, but when you have all these options, is it really what you want to eat? That being said, this is a totally different way to prepare green beans than your typical, plain cooked beans. 

6. Stuffing

Stuffing is a hard one to place. Everyone's stuffing is filled with different things. Some have meat and bread, others add vegetables and cheeses. As a general rule, stuffing tends to be a good side, but there is a reason no one really makes stuffing at other times of year.

5. Turkey

As a type of meat, turkey isn't the greatest. It is pretty plain, so preparation is key. Adding gravy is important to bringing your turkey to the next level. Overall, Thanksgiving turkey tends to be pretty plain; it is in the leftovers where turkey shines. 

4. Mashed Potatoes

Nothing screams family and comfort food like mashed potatoes. Most of us have grown up with mashed potatoes as a common side at family dinners. There is no better time of year for mashed potatoes, since they can be mixed with any part of the meal (looking at you, gravy) and they create a perfect, creamy contrast to the turkey. 

3. Gravy

Gravy is the best accessory to the meal. No other part of the meal can elevate the less exciting dishes. The turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes are all not nearly as good without the gravy. It creates a common bond between all parts of the main meal that is irreplaceable. 

2. Rolls

bread, chicken
Alex Frank

The bread side of the meal can be a big variant among families. In my house we make pumpkin nut muffins, but other families have cornbread or simple rolls. I eat way too many of the muffins each Thanksgiving, but sometimes a warm muffin or roll is the perfect way to begin and end the meal. 

1. Pecan Pie

If I was in charge of the Thanksgiving menu there would be 3-5 different dessert options, but seeing as there will only be 5 people at my Thanksgiving that would be a little much. Pecan pie seems to be such a fancy dessert, but with this recipe you can make the perfect pie for your family. 

Now you are fully prepared to make the right decisions this Thanksgiving. As general rule, skip what you don't like. Just because it's on the table, that doesn't mean you have to eat it. This way, you will be able to enjoy all of the amazing parts of Thanksgivings to the fullest: the friends, family, and the food.