As we approach the end of the spring semester, it seems like everything on Instagram falls into one of a few categories: formal/prom, nice weather, pictures from last night, cute dates, philanthropy events, proposals (sure, include pro[m]posals), or pictures that are artsier than mine will ever be.

Good news, friends. No more suffering through the “I’m going to be single forever” or “Thanks for not inviting me” thoughts of Instagram scrolling. It’s time for something new…

Do you ever see people pretending to text just above their plates at restaurants? Or those holding up their little paper boats of food in front of their phones at the food truck park?

Little did you know, some of these people are posting those mouth-watering pictures to “foodstagram” accounts on the daily. Better yet, they live, breathe, and eat within walking distance of you. Trust me…you’re going to want to add these gems to your insta feed.

Here are the best TCU “foodstagrams” you should follow NOW:

Disclaimer: I’m not ranking these. I don’t have that power.


A photo posted by Miss Buehler (@buehler_bites) on

Sophomore Moriah Buehler is the face behind this incredible foodstagram. Her favorite meals to post are her breakfast and coffee, but with just a few minutes of scrolling, you’ll discover that there’s plenty more to be seen.

Be careful, though…the ocean and palm trees in the backgrounds of her pictures might just have you “accidentally” booking your own flight to Southern California.


Sophomores Claire McCreight and Carly Speno created this impressive foodstagram because they wanted to show people that it’s “not as hard as people think to eat healthy and be creative with recipes, even while living in a dorm without a full kitchen.”

One day, the dynamic duo wants to open a restaurant that “engages the community, celebrates people, and promotes food that nourishes the body and soul.”


A photo posted by @collegegirleats on

Juniors Tori Bertschy and Sarah Newton started this account as a joke, but it skyrocketed to unbelievable success. The dynamic duo has managed to accumulate more than 5000 followers, earning them an average of about 500 likes per picture.

Follow cautiously…you might gain a few pounds just looking at it. (Although, they would absolutely be worth it).


A photo posted by Courtney Heier (@courtskitch) on

Sophomore Courtney Heier has been running her food account for almost two years and posts a combination of homemade treats and restaurant eats. By scrolling through this feed, you’re most likely to pick up on her addiction to baking, Steel City Pops, Pizza Snob, and Rodeo Goat.

She’s been using the hashtag #currentlyincourtneysoven for her baked goods since the start, which is just a glimpse into her dream of some day opening a cozy bakery/coffee shop.



A photo posted by @tasty_kelly_belly on


Freshman Kelly Jacobi’s profile reflects two of her passions: nutrition and baking. While her banana bread pictures automatically activate the salivary glands, she’s somehow managed to make healthy eats look absolutely delectable as well.

Her favorite Fort Worth stops are Righteous Foods, Brewed, and Central Market.


Junior Ali McGuigan uses her account to introduce people to new food, new restaurants, and unique flavor combinations. Fun fact: she and her mom eventually want to open a café together. McGuigan also wants to be a food critic and go to culinary school one day. Can she do it all?


A photo posted by @thecodfatha on

Sophomore Maddie Cole is fairly new to the foodstagram game. However, her incredibly creative and food-punny captions will have her killing the competition in no time. When asked why she decided to make a food account, Cole replied with “because I want people to drool at my pix.”

You better not forget us. @spoonuniversity_tcu

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