It's halfway through the semester. The dining hall is serving tofu with salsa for the fourth time that week. You need a break, but Chipotle still gives you serious #badvibes. Have no fear: check out these budget-friendly Boston joints that taste as good as they feel on your wallet.

1. Amsterdam Falafelshop

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Emma Noyes

Self-serve at its finest: the falafel comes straight out of the fryer, and then you can load up your sandwich or bowl with any of the two dozen vegetables and sauces on the buffet. Hit up the Back Bay location if you're south of the river, or the Davis Square one if you're north.

2. Darwin's LTD

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Emma Noyes
This isn't your dry, run-of-the-mill lunch break. Darwin's serves an endless combination of fillings, often on local slices of Iggy's bread. I recommend stopping by for breakfast and trying one of their egg sandies, such as the spinach and cheese pictured above.

3. Felipe's

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Irene Limb

Felipe's is a long-time favorite of Harvard students, who have always praised the quality of the food. With the opening of their new location (featuring a swanky rooftop bar), they've transformed from 2 am burrito spot to trendy burrito hotspot.

4. Gyu-Kaku

rice, chicken
Emma Noyes

Gyu-Kaku's happy hour is the best non-secretive secret in Boston. Beers for $1, spicy pork for $2, and filet mignon for $6? You can eat like a king for less than a tenner. Sign me up. 

5. Saloniki

They've go fancier, healthier and more creative versions of the burrito bowl. And with gyros and falafel. Enough said.

6. Whole Heart Provisions

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Emma Noyes

Despite catering to the vegetarian crowd, Whole Heart Provisions can appease practically anyone. Just look at those crispy Brussels sprouts drizzled with spicy sauce and tell me you don't want it.

7. Dig Inn

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Dig Inn truly does everything right: a farm-to-table approach, with mix 'n' match options for only $8 - $12. Oh, and it tastes freaking awesome. I dig it. 

8. Tatte Bakery and Cafe

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Julianna Lee

Oh, Tatte. You only just moved into the Square, but I'm already addicted. Their $3 coffee might seem steep for an everyday investment, but their $11 entrees sure beat your average brunch price. And you don't have to sacrifice ambience—white marble calls up images of archaic elite palaces. I don't mind.