It wouldn’t be summer if you didn’t eat a revolting amount of ice cream sandwiches. And since it’s August, which is debatably the hottest month of summer, portable desserts that aren’t your boring cookie or brownie are your savior. Here are the top #SpoonFeed photos of the week to enable your ice cream addiction.

Pro tip from @arjieljosephfg: dip your vanilla ice cream sandwiches in chocolate and nuts so they’re no longer basic.

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You really don’t see pretzel ice cream sandwiches every day, especially when the pretzel flavors are 14kt gold honey, bejeweled birthday cake, and topaz cappuccino.

A photo posted by Victoria Li (@craversunite) on Aug 2, 2015 at 7:43pm PDT

We’ll take Snickerdoodle cookies over chocolate chip any day.

We challenge you to try and fit this in your mouth on the first try. In case you’re wondering what else to do with your chocolate chips, hit up this recipe.

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Disneyland is making churro ice cream sandwiches now. Our childhood feels incomplete.

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Okay, so this isn’t an ice cream sandwich, but we had to put this here because it’s not every day you see a cantaloupe filled with soft-serve. It’s fruit so it’s healthy, right?

If you ever go to Smorgasburg, you gotta go to Good Batch and get this classic ‘wich.

Funnel cake ice cream sandwich, just one of many things that taste better as a sandwich.

Here’s your goal: eat all of these ice cream sandwiches before summer is over. Go! We’ll be competing along with ya – check it out on Insta.