Music festival season is going to be here before we know it, and Bonnaroo is the place to be. This festival includes four days of nonstop music, new friends, camping, and getting hella turnt. Sounds pretty awful, right?

The first year I attended I was a little worried—what the f*ck was I going to eat? I knew I needed legit nourishment if I was going to be without a kitchen four days straight. For anybody heading to Bonnaroo, or any music festival this upcoming summer, here are some great food options to keep you rocking all weekend long.

Pasta Salad

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Photo by Daniel Schuleman

Pasta salad was my favorite meal to have. You can beef it up with veggies, cheese, and anything else you’d like. Use a vinegerette, like in this arugula and mushroom pasta recipe, and it will stay good for the whole weekend! There’s nothing simpler to wake up to when you’re tired, sweaty, and perhaps a little hungover.


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Photo by Becky Hughes

Homemade falafel patties were a really filling snack to have. It’s especially good for those eating meatless. This fresh Israeli veggie salad would go along perfectly.


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Photo by Megan Tang

Cheese sticks are super handy to keep in the cooler. Grab two or three to take on your walk through the camp grounds. You’ll get much more calcium from this than a handful of Cheez-Its.


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Photo by Kristine Mahan

Since Bonnaroo happens in June, it’s really damn hot, and you’re not gonna want heavy foods. Fresh fruit is light and keeps you feeling clean, despite the fact you probably haven’t showered in at least 48 hours.


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Photo by Tarika Narain

Slap together some good ol PB&J for a speedy fix. When you roll into your tent late at night with the drunchies, this will be perfect.

#BonnarooTip: There’s an infamous 24-hour vendor on the campground that sells $1 grilled cheese!

Homemade Trail Mix

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Trail mix is kick-ass when you need something sweet, but also healthy. And, it’s the king of camping snacks. Make your own so you can satisfy your hunger in whatever way best suits you. Here are some killer trail mix combinations to get you inspired.


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Photo by Lauryn Lahr

With all the potential snackin’ and drinkin’ you may participate in during the day, you might wake up with a funky stomach. Settle your gut with some yogurt.


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Photo by Katherine Carroll

We campers are going to need some protein for energy, and a handful of nuts is a perfect way to go. Plus, they go great with beer. Breakfast of champions, am I right?

Don’t get stuck with only beer and gummy bears in your cooler after the second day of the festival. Staying nourished is super important, and passing out isn’t worth missing that surprise late night Skrillex set. Happy festival season.