The holiday season is drawing near, so it's time to show your friends how much they mean to you. As the semester ends, it can feel hard to find time to let your friends know that you're grateful for them. So here's a list of some simple and inexpensive ways to show your friends that you appreciate them, none of which require a huge time commitment.

1. Leave them encouraging notes

Exam time is stressful for everyone, but you leave a friend a cute, encouraging note to find when they're studying for finals as a small treat to make it more bearable. Notes don't have to be long; a simple sticky note with words of affirmation will surely bring a smile to their face.

2. Take them out for a meal

If you have extra meal points or some bonus cash, take a friend out for food. Whether it's paying for their half and half at BD, covering their All Nighter at Ibby's, or taking them off campus to Kayak's for avocado toast, your friend will feel extra special.

3. Help them do their laundry

It's actually difficult to find time to do laundry in the final weeks of the semester, so if you have half an hour to spare, offer to help your friends fold their clothes. It doesn't take a long time but it'll mean the world to your pals and show them you're grateful for their friendship.

4. Bring them a study snack

Another suggestion for those with meal points to spare—consider buying a coffee from Whispers or grabbing some pastries from Cherry Tree for your friends. It'll give them a sweet boost during late night study sessions, and make you a hero.

5. Mail them a letter

It might seem silly, but writing your friend a letter and actually mailing it to them is a super thoughtful way to express gratitude. The letter could be about your favorite memories together, or just why you're glad you're friends. No matter what you write, an old-fashioned letter is sure to bring a smile to your friend's face.

6. Help them study

If your friend is worried about an upcoming test, take half an hour and help them study. One of the best ways to learn is to teach others, so having your friend go over the material with you can be a huge help for them, and you might even learn something in the process.

7. Send them an encouraging text

If you know your friend has an important exam, send them a motivational text (or cute gif) the day of as a reminder that their friends have their back, no matter what. Or surprise your friends with some words of affirmation, out of the blue, just to bring a smile to their face.

8. Print out pictures of you together

If you have pictures with your friends, print out your favorites and hang them up in your room or give them to your friends. You can print out pictures at drug stores like Walgreens for as low as $0.23 per picture. Having pictures of you and your best friends hanging on your wall or framed on your desk is a super easy way to show everyone how much your friends mean to you.

There you have it. Eight easy, simple, and relatively inexpensive ways to show your friends how much they mean to you. Try one (or all eight) to show you friends you appreciate them during the Thanksgiving season.