So you know you love food, and you know your bestie loves food too. Food is meant to be shared, and you two know just how big of a role it plays in bringing people from all walks of life together.

But are you and your best friend truly obsessed with food? Here's how to tell if you, your bestie, and food are really meant to be: 

1. All you talk about is food.

coffee, beer
Sarah Wu

Sure, you talk about normal best friend things too. But when you're together, you spend the majority of your time discussing the one thing that gets you through a long day—food.

2. If you need advice on where to eat, you know exactly who to ask.

tea, beer, coffee, rice
Victoria Xu

Whether you need ideas for a date night, a family dinner, or just a quick bite to eat before class, you know that you can trust your best friend to provide lots of (quality) suggestions.

3. You enable each other's pursuits of food.

coffee, beer, wine
Sarah Wu

If your best friend tells you that they're even the slightest bit hungry, you will not hesitate to force them to go get food with you. You might not even be in the same zip code as them, but you jump at the chance to live vicariously through their pursuit of good eats.

4. You know exactly when your best friend is hangry...

You're always together, so when your best friend starts snapping at everyone around them you know exactly what's up (You also know never to tell a hangry person to "just calm down").

5. ...and you know exactly how to remedy that.

pizza, mozzarella, crust, pepperoni, sauce, dough
Sarah Wu

You know what your best friend craves the most when they're incapacitated by hanger and you know where to get the best food to pacify them.

6. Going to the supermarket together = all the impulse buys.

When you wander the aisles of that gleaming symbol of everything you love with your best friend, it's all too easy to justify buying that extra bag of chips. Or a cake. Or a box of cookies. Or everything, basically. And if you're shopping on an empty stomach? RIP wallet.

7. Whenever you go out with anyone else, you're shocked at the amount of food they eat.

Not because they eat a lot. Because they eat far, far less than you or your best friend. Though to be fair, you and your best friend ingest inhuman amounts of food.

8. Most of all, you know that no matter how much you and your best friend love food, you love each other more.

Best friends foodever.