With Thanksgiving being over and noting that December 6th is just around the corner it’s time to stuff our faces once again, and prepare for the celebration of Hanukkah or Chanukah, either spelling is okay here. Whether you are Jewish or not this time of the year is something to look forward to because it’s an excuse to get in all those oily, greasy foods you have been avoiding all year. It’s time to forget about those summer bod goals and bulk up for the winter season.


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In order to celebrate the lasting of oil for 8 days, which should have lasted one during the time of the Maccabean Revolt in Jerusalem, we eat. We eat by cooking all our favorite foods in oil without feeling regret afterward. If you are in Tallahassee during this time you need to check out these restaurants for some great oily foods.

1. Momos Pizza

Give dad what he really wants for Father’s Day, Momo’s pizza and cold beer! #slicesasbigasyourhead

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  If pizza is your go to oily, greasy food than this is the place you need to visit during this wonderful time. They have amazing pizza, breadsticks, calzones, and even salads that can fulfill your oily cravings.      

2. Donut Kingdom


Donut fret, Spoon FSU is finally here. ???? #spoonfsu #spoonfeed #foodporn #foodie #foodgasm #foodstagram A photo posted by Spoon University Florida State (@spoon_fsu) on Oct 8, 2015 at 7:29am PDT

If fancy doughnuts fancy your oil craving then you must visit here. One of their newest flavors is the Maple Bacon Donut, which if you love bacon I heard is fantastic. What’s better than sugary fried dough?

3. Munchiez Rollz

And tonight, we roll out ??? ?: @caitlinlaz_ #spoonfsu #spoonfees #nomnomnom #eeeeeats

A photo posted by Spoon University Florida State (@spoon_fsu) on Nov 9, 2015 at 4:05pm PST

  This new restaurant has some of the most creative sushi I’ve ever had. Other than having several rolls with crispy tempura batter they also have some deep fried Oreos covered with powdered sugar.  

4. Shell Oyster House


Inside My Bag ? #ShellOysterBar ??? A photo posted by ?? Jay Walka ? ? (@_cityyfulladope_) on Jun 16, 2014 at 1:56pm PDT

While visiting here you may see all the seafood you desire on their menu. They are popular for their fried oyster basket, which includes a basket filled with friend oysters.

5. Nefetari’s


At Nefatari’s you may feel like you are traveling the world with their amazing International dishes. They have some great Pad Thai, fried rice, fried Red Snapper, and fried tofu.

6. Shula’s 347 Grill


  Don’t take the name literally, as they don’t only have grilled food here. Some great fried foods on their menu are Calamari fries, Ahi Tuna, and Sweet Potato fries.   

7. Liberty Bar and Restaurant


Feel the liberty that the Jewish people felt during this time, and visit this restaurant. Their menu includes scotch eggs, orange scented grouper tacos, and bacon and root vegetables.

8. Chabad Lubavitch of the Panhandle

If you are into cooking rather than eating out this year, Chabad sponsors a Kosher Co-op, which carries a large variety of Glatt Kosher chicken, meats, and Gefilte fish. The Chabad House Jewish Student Center is a Jewish student’s ‘home away from home’, which, like your house, never closes its doors. It serves the undergraduate population at FSU,FAMU,TCC.

Rabbi Schneur and Chanie Oirechman serve Jewish students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with exciting, educational and fun activities.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or email Rabbi and Chanie at the shul (850) 523-9294.

Email Rabbi at Rabbi@jewishfsu.com or Chanie at Chanie@jewishfsu.com