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Unfortunately, taking supplements will not make you a super-fit and healthy goddess or god. In fact, it will probably cause you harm later on in life. Here are the hard hitting facts!

1. They are not regulated

Basically, the FDA will only approve products that are safe enough to put in your body. Supplements are not verified by the FDA. Hmmm… Wonder why? Since they have no standards or regulations, they could contain just about anything; just like that jungle juice Saturday night.

2. Your body can only take so much

The human body has certain tolerance levels for vitamins and minerals. Just like a sponge, once your body has reached its limit, it cannot take up anymore. You actually get the healthy amount of vitamins and minerals from your daily food intake. You don’t need to take 2000% of the daily value of vitamin B and C in one pill. Once your body is saturated, it will dispose of those extra vitamins you just dropped an unnecessary amount of cash on.

3. Expensive

I don’t know about you but being a college student has bled me dry. As I said before, you are already getting the nutrients you need from those money-sucking groceries you are buying. No need to add a $10 bottle of multivitamins to the cart. Put down the pills and back away.

4. Not going to make you get fit… Sorry

Exercise builds muscles and a balanced diet slims you down. Not your whey protein, bro.

5. Your body may stop making it naturally

Taking supplements such as Melatonin and Creatine trains your brain to tell your body to stop producing it on its own. This is because you are getting it from another source: pills and powders.


Earlier when I discussed tolerance levels, I explained how certain vitamins can be excreted. However, fat-soluble vitamins cannot. Examples of these are A, D, E and K. When their threshold is met, serious health complications can occur and become fatal.


Photo by Dana Salzman

7. They should be prescribed by a physician

There are certain cases where an individual may need a specific vitamin. In this case, your doctor will give you a go ahead.

8. Just eat food

Food exists for a reason: to eat, enjoy and to receive nutritional benefits.

Just look at the word itself. Supplemental means additional or extra. AKA unnecessary.

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