When you think of Food Network chefs, like me, your mind probably thinks of Bobby Flay, Giada DiLaurentiis, Alton Brown, and even the infamous Guy Fieri. BUT, there's one more Food Network chef that deserves just as much recognition, even though her show isn't as popular as "Chopped" or "Triple D". That is the host of "The Pioneer Woman", Ree Drummond. Here's 8 reasons why you'll want to tune into her show every Saturday morning!

1. She doesn't make frilly/too-fancy food. 

A lot of Food Network chefs are guilty of recipes that are too hard to make, or require ingredients that aren't readily available at your local grocery store ("good dry red wine such as Cote du Rhone" isn't easily accessible for college students, Ina Garten). Thankfully, Ree Drummond makes recipes that aren't too complex and taste AMAZING. My personal favorite is her take on calzones that use store-bought frozen bread dough!

2. She writes a blog about food, family, and even home-schooling.

Ree Drummond knows more than just cooking. She's a pro when it comes to farm life, raising a family in rural Oklahoma, and homeschooling her four kids. Luckily for us, she blogs to give readers a view into her life outside of her Food Network show. Not many other Food Network chefs can say that! 

3. She lives on a ranch in Oklahoma.

Food Network chefs range in location from The Hamptons, Beverly Hills, Miami, and now... Pawhuska, Oklahoma. Since Ree Drummond is from a location that not many are familiar with, it gives viewers the opportunity to see what ranch life is like. Some of each episode focuses on what the rest of her family is doing around the ranch from herding cattle to plowing fields! 

4. She owns a general store/cafe in Pawhuska.

Aside from being a Food Network chef/host, mother of four, AND owner of a farm, she is also the owner of The PW Mercantile in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. Here, you can find just about anything from kitchenware to knickknacks. The best part? The "Merc" (as it is known by Ree) has a huge menu of coffees, pastries, and delicious entrees chosen by the Pioneer Woman herself. Now excuse me while I fly across the country to get a taste of that Groundhog Claw. If this has made you hungry but you don't live in Pawhuska, here's a recipe for bear claws

5. She explores different cuisines.

Even though Ree doesn't make recipes that are too fancy or ornate, it doesn't mean she sticks to meatloaf and cheeseburgers. Some of her recipes include Thai Beef with Peppers and Indian Mulligatawny Soup! The best part about these recipes (along with others) is that they are part of her "16 Minute Meals" recipe category, which means you can make these delicious meals in a matter of minutes! 

6. She caters to her millennial audience. 

I am one of the millions of people who are guilty of using too many Snapchat filters and watching too many Tasty videos on Facebook when I should be doing work. Thankfully (or rather, unfortunately), Ree is a tech savvy Food Network chef! She regularly updates her Instagram story with pictures of her in funny filters, daily life on the farm, and even a few one minute videos of her recipes! If you're feeling academic today and curious as to why you (and millions of other people) just can't stop watching food videos on Facebook, here's the psychology behind it

7. She has her own line of products at Walmart. 

A lot of Food Network chefs put their "stamp" on products-- from Giada's pasta sauce to Rachel Ray's line of dog food. Ree, on the other hand, has her own line of super-cute cookware at Target. Each of these items features a bright, vibrant print, and her products range from spice drawers to dutch ovens to lunch totes. While you're at Walmart picking up some sick cookware, you can pick up ingredients to make a gourmet cheese plate for your next party/ fun night in. 

8. She knows how to FIGHT ON!

Ree Drummond is the BEST for many reasons, but the one that makes her even better is that she is a USC Alum. She said that after growing up in rural Oklahoma, there was just something about Los Angeles that drew her there, so she attended USC! On top of being an amazing chef and blogger, she can add Trojan to her resume. Fight on, Ree!

Even though Ree Drummond's show isn't on the prime time slot on Food Network, "The Pioneer Woman" is a show that you do not want to miss. Or, if you're busy on Saturday mornings, you can catch her recipes and her blogs on her website. Now, if someone asks you who your favorite Food Network chef is (let's be honest, we all have one), you don't have to panic and say Giada DiLaurentiis or Guy Fieri, you can mention The Pioneer Woman herself!