Growing up, I've always received candy from my family in Ecuador and thought they were so much better than the candy in America. Looking back at it, I was right. Ecuador has such a rich culture and unforgettable landscape and the candy that comes from there is equally as unique. Ecuadorian Candy is on a playing field of its own and even my non-Ecuadorian friends agree.

I've decided to appreciate the candy that my family has brought to me all these years by sharing them with others and advertising how great Ecuador is. Now I present to you, eight candy and chocolates that come from Ecuador that are so good, you have to try them.

1. Heuvo Kinder

Oh, how I loved these candy eggs. My dad used to bring back cartons full of Kinder Suprise for my brother and I. They are these hallowed out chocolate eggs that each come with a toy inside. The outer lining of the egg is chocolate while the inside lining of the egg is white chocolate. The egg itself is wrapped in foil with the words Kinder Sopresa on them.

You can also find these in the US but with a plastic wrapping and a different design, but still the same white and milk chocolate flavors.

2. Nucita

Think of this as the Ecuadorian version of Nutella. This cute squirrel is the cover of Nucita because of its hazelnut flavor. Nucita is enjoyed by itself or used as a dip to put on top of a cookie. There are several flavors available such as Napolitano, chocolate, strawberry and white chocolate.

3. Manicho

Manicho is the chocolate that is most popular whenever you go into any Ecuadorian store. Manichos are milk chocolate filled with peanuts. The chocolate melts in your mouth and has a triangle design on top. 

4. Toffee Coco

These wrapped treats are perfect for those who love toffee and coconut! Toffee and coconut are packed into a crunch caramel flavoring and neatly inside this plastic wrapper. Snack time is better when you have these.

5. Chupiplum

Chupiplum is a lollipop filled with bubblegum in the middle that has a variety of flavors to choose from. It's not overly sweet and packs just the right amount of fruit flavor. 

6. D'Leche

These caramel melts are one word.. addicting. They are made with milk giving them a soft and melt-in-your-mouth flavor that everyone needs to have. The caramel melt's, D'Leche, is cleverly titled and translated says "from milk". 

7. Tango

Mayleen Zhagnay

Tango's are two cookies filled with cream in between and dipped completely into milk chocolate to form a cookie sandwich. They are a delicious blend of flavors and textures, ranging from the crunchiness of the cookies and the soft cream center. The chocolate that covers the cookie sandwich gives it a rich and flavorful taste.

8. Galak

Galak is a white chocolate bar filled with rice crisps. Galak is my all-time favorite white chocolate bar that ignited my white chocolate craze that I have today. The rice crisps produce a different texture that adds on to the creamy milkiness that is Galak. 

Don't be intimidated to try new flavors and candy from other countries. Trust me, you'll be surprised with what kind of gems you'll find that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Ecuador is filled with even more amazing goodies to try if you ever decide to travel to this small and amazing country.