Baruch students face a dilemma every Tuesday and Thursday during club hours. You have to decide whether to go to your club meeting or find a place to eat. If you do decide to eat out, there's another decision to make. The golden question: where to eat?

This is followed by other questions. Do you want to eat something heavy with the off chance of getting a food coma? Or eat something light and be hangry during that 2:30pm class? Or you might want something quick to eat because you don't want to be late for your next class.

Here are 8 places near Baruch that can help you decide: 

1. Bagel Express III

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Connor Henchey

Students can grab something quick and easy here. Bagel Express III has many different bagels and cream cheese flavors. You can get a plain bagel with cream cheese or a sesame bagel with ham & egg depending on how hungry you are. Or be adventurous and grab a rainbow bagel. Who wouldn't love to have a rainbow bagel for breakfast? 

2. Di Di Dumplings 

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If you don't want to take the trip down to Chinatown, Di Di Dumplings is the place to get your dumpling fix. Other popular dishes are the noodles, potstickers, and soup. And the prices won't hurt your wallet either.

3. Shawarma Grill 

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Connor Henchey

Shawarma Grill is the perfect way to achieve a food coma. They have falafel, halal, and of course shawarma! The shawarma is served with pita bread and the choice of crispy fries or rice. It's a great place to eat and relax with your friends.     

4. Luu's Baguette 

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Connor Henchey

As winter approaches a hot steaming bowl of pho is just the thing to keep you warm. You can find pho at Luu's Baguette but if you don't have the time to sit down and eat it, order a Bánh mì instead.

5. Little Basil

Let's talk about Little Basil's lunch special. The Thai restaurant's lunch special lasts from 11:30am to 5pm, much longer than lunch usually is. You get an appetizer, entree, and a soup or salad all for the price of $8.50. What more can you ask for?

6.  Bao Bao Cafe

Bao Bao Cafe is the closest Asian fusion restaurant to Baruch. Their famous dish is the Bao Bao Noodles, spicy minced pork on top of noodles with other customized toppings. This is definitely the ideal place to stay away from the cold.

7. Frank's Express Pizza 

beer, tea, wine, coffee
Connor Henchey

You can never go wrong with pizza when you're looking for something fast and filling. Frank's Express Pizza is where the lines form during club hours. Who can say no to $2 a slice?

8. Shake Shack

Who doesn't love Shake Shack? The Shake Shack in Madison Square Park can be tricky when noon comes around, with the line extending around the park. But their burgers and fries are totally worth the wait.

#Spoon Tip: Shake Shack Madison Square Park has the "Shack Cam" which shows how busy it is live.