TV programs centered around food have become the new normal. With the trend of online streaming shows though, new, more innovative food shows are popping up across the internet. Many of these shows offer more than just chefs creating great recipes. What makes food show content so captivating today is the uniqueness of various programs. Every show has its own spin and culinary voice. These shows are some of the best new food series on Netflix and Youtube that are making viewers not only hungry, but think a little more about each thing they eat.

1. "F*ck That's Delicious"

Youtube is one of my favorite sources for today's more interesting food shows. The MUNCHIES channel, a foodie spinoff from VICE, is creating some great food show content. "F*ck That's Delicious" stars Action Bronson, former chef turned rapper and pop culture icon. This show is the platform for Bronson's two passions aside from music, food and weed. "F*ck That's Delicious" is all over the place, but somehow takes you on this captivating food journey, leaving you feeling hungry and high. Bronson is a character. He's either dining like royalty, hanging out with his elite chef friends — like Mario Batali — or simply cooking up his favorite munchies. I highly recommend this series for anyone looking to watch a food show that is carefree and unconventional. 

2. "Chef's Night Out"

As a big foodie, I'm so intrigued by the lives of the chefs I admire. "Chef's Night Out" (also by Munchies) puts a spotlight on some of today's hottest chefs and foodie elites letting loose when they aren't stuck in the restaurant. Every episode is a similar concept, no matter who the chef is. They're either hanging out with their other chef friends, eating, getting drunk or putting on a huge event for their friends. This is a show that'll make you wish your friends were hip, young chefs. "Chef's Night Out" is the show for someone who loves to keep up with the who's who of young chefs in the restaurant industry. 

3. "Chef's Table Pastry"

Almost every food show lover today knows and loves Netflix's "Chef's Table." This is a show that turns simple food TV into a cinematic masterpiece. The breathtaking imagery and captivating stories of each renowned chef make this show addicting. Now in its fourth season, Chef's Table is featuring something completely new — "Chef's Table Pastry." This original, four-episode season features famous pastry chefs including Momofuku, Milk Bar's creative genius Christina Tosi. The new season carries on the same artistic style as the first three, with an additional sweet twist. I'm a person who loves to cook, but I never bake. When I watch "Chef's Table Pastry" though, I feel inspired to go and bake a masterpiece. It has that effect on people, making it a must-watch for anyone who loves to be in the kitchen.

4. "Binging with Babish"

As a kid, I would always imagine getting to try food dishes that were created in my favorite TV shows. Was it not everyone's biggest dream to eat a Krabby Patty or some ratatouille from the Disney classic? Babish is making our fantasies a reality. In his YoutTube series, "Binging with Babish," Babish recreates recipes from a plethora of movies and TV shows ranging from Game of Thrones to Harry Potter. For someone obsessed with food, this show is a dream come true — proving you can eat just about every creation you've imagined.

5. "Somebody Feed Phil"

Phil Rosenthal is hardly new to the food show game. He's now hosting his second show featured on Netflix, "Somebody Feed Phil," turning "food show host" into his newest side job. For those who don't know, Rosenthal is actually a very successful comedy writer, known for writing shows such as "Everybody Loves Raymond." He is quite the character, with a contagious large smile and even bigger appetite. Each episode takes place in a different location, allowing Rosenthal to hang out with the locals and sample regional fare. He never ceases to entertain either the viewer, or his show guests, with his quirky personality, which gives a feel-good aura to this food series. 

6. "Ugly Delicious"

"Ugly Delicious" is one of Netflix's newest food documentary shows. It is hosted by Dave Chang, famous chef and owner of the Momofuku restaurants. This show follows the mantra that delicious food doesn't have to be pretty. Each episode focuses on a different food dish or theme such as fried rice, tacos or fried chicken. Rather than just cooking and eating a variety of each food, Chang, along with some of his other foodie friends, unpack the deep culture and history behind many of these dishes. Their in-depth discussions opened my eyes to the controversies behind some current food trends. Of the many food shows out on Netflix today, this one is a must-see in my book.

7. "Food Grails"

In addition to the MUNCHIES channel, First We Feast is creating some amazing food shows in the YouTube scene. "Food Grails" is the first show that turned me on to watching web series. Each episode focuses on a regional food trend, such as the mumbo sauce craze in Washington DC,  chopped cheese sandwiches in NYC or lemon pepper wings in Atlanta. "Food Grails" delves into the rich cultural and historical aspects behind each of these iconic dishes, providing both food education and intense craving for the audience. This show teaches its viewers that regional cuisine is much more than Philly cheesesteaks and Chicago dogs. Many times, great food has been the product of a city's lively subculture. 

8. "Burger Show"

I'm someone who loves the classics, which could explain why I'm so fascinated with the "Burger Show." This series is another First We Feast production (also found on YouTube), hosted by Chef Alvin Cailan of LA's hit eatery, Eggslut. This show is simple, with a streamlined focus. Cailan keeps things uncomplicated, stressing to viewers how deliciously umami a classic burger can be. Every episode takes a unique direction, while still remaining relevant to the overall theme. If you are someone who never ceases to crave a hot, juicy burger, this is the show for you.  

9. "Hot Ones"

Out of all these many food shows, "Hot Ones" is actually the least food-centric. The only food element of this show is the really spicy wings the host, Sean Evans, makes people suffer through as they answer his saucy questions. What makes this show stand out is its packed lineup of celebrity guests, who all give very candid and casual interviews as they endure spicier and spicier hot sauces. Some of my favorite episodes have featured Guy Fieri, Eric Andre, T-Pain and Post Malone. It's not the host who makes this show a hit, but rather his juicy and unconventional interview topics that really grab the viewers attention.

10. "The Mind of a Chef"

Last but not least, "The Mind of a Chef" is an incredible show to watch if you are a food nerd. In true PBS fashion, this show aims to teach. Each season features either a chef or group of chefs who cook, inspire and educate the viewer about their cooking style and regional fare. For those of you that get the reference, this show could be considered a mixture of "Good Eats" and "Chef's Table." "The Mind of a Chef" was off of Netflix for some time, but now it is back and better than ever. All five seasons are available, including the newest starring Chef Ludo Lefebvre of LA's Trois Mec, Trois Familia and Petit Trois. If you want to explore the complex minds of many great chefs, give this show a watch.

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