Everyone has those days where they wonder, why can’t I just major in Chipotle with a minor in frappuccino? Given the importance of environmental sustainability, the renewed interest in farm-to-table gastronomy and the fact that everyone just loves food, your dream may not be a long-shot. Read on for academic degrees perfect for foodies!

1. Food science and nutrition


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Do you like food, science and being nutritious? This major is probably available at your current university, so you should check it out.

2. Artisan Cheese


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Okay, fine… maybe this one is only a certificate program but still! The College of Marin’s certificate program in artisan cheese allows students to study the history and science of cheeses, taste test their way through the local cheese scene and test their own “cheese mongering skills” at a creamery.

3. Dairy science


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Kinda like the artisan cheese certificate, only a lot less cool (though probably more useful). A major in dairy science combines a biology and chemistry background with cow-related topics such as animal health and safety, milk production and nutritional science.

4. Agribusiness


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Imagine your college’s stuck-up business school was plopped in the middle of a soybean field…eventually they might stumble upon agribusiness. Truthfully, the successful operation of agriculture is vital to the day-to-day running of society and a degree in agribusiness would teach you to manage large-scale food production.

5. Fermentation science


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This degree is literally about how to make alcohol, sell alcohol and of course drink alcohol. Why isn’t everyone a fermentation major?! (Besides the fact that it sounds moldy…) Appalachian State University offers a bachelor of science degree program which includes courses in bio-processing and technology, entrepreneurship and brewing among others.

6. Wine and viticulture


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7. Sustainable agriculture


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Environmentally friendly food production is the name of the game with this major. Learn how to feed the world while also protecting it. This way farmers market hippies!

8. Ecogastronomy


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Similar to sustainable agriculture, ecogastronomy promotes Earth-conscious decision-making but focuses on eating delicious food while doing it. The University of New Hampshire offers a dual major in ecogastronomy which takes an interdisciplinary approach to connect the fields of sustainable agriculture, hospitality management and nutrition.