You walk into Market Basket to do your groceries for the week, and immediately you're overwhelmed. It seems like everyone and their mother decided today was the day to get their groceries. Why is this store always so busy? As you stand amidst a swarm of people reaching for a shopping cart, the list of food you had been repeating to yourself on the drive over has suddenly left your mind.

But, fret not, because I have the most drool-worthy, budget-friendly and health conscious list for your next trip to Market Basket.

Grocery List

1. Siggi's Yogurt: I've never been a yogurt person, but this brand will sway even the most grounded yogurt haters. Not to mention yogurt is such a great snack to eat when you're running between classes, or an easy snack to bring to the office. My favorite flavors are vanilla, raspberry, and their seasonal flavor-pumpkin pie.

2. Hummus & Pita Bread: Such a killer snack, let's be real. I always get Cedar's hummus, plain or avocado, and Joseph's pita bread. If you work or have an extra long day of classes, this is an easy snack to eat in a hurry or take with you.

3. Oatmeal: Bob's Red Mill single serve oatmeals are such a lifesaver and are easily the best oats I've ever had, and each one is only around two dollars. My favorite flavor is Apple Pieces & Cinnamon - such a quick and easy snack, especially on a cold, rainy day. For extra flavor, I top with fruit, cinnamon, and a little honey and sometimes even a protein bar.

4. Protein Bars: When I first started shopping at Market Basket, I was so impressed with their protein bar selection. While it is cheaper to buy a whole box, I love picking out each bar and making my own variety box if you will. Some of my favorites are Power Crunch, The Pro Bar, One Brand, and Health Warrior bars.

5. Bread: Dave's Killer Bread really is killer, only in the best sense of course. I usually buy the 21 grain and I love the taste and the nutritional facts.

6. Kombucha: The latest trend, I know, but it is seriously so good and so good for you and Market Basket has an awesome selection. I love Health Ade (Pink Lady Apple, Pomegranate and Power Greens for flavors) and GT's Kombucha (Trilogy, Multi Green and Lemonade flavors). 

7. Halo Top: How could I leave this out? Market Basket has a whole freezer dedicated to Halo Top, (I know awesome, right?) including all of their new flavors. I highly recommend Cinnamon Roll, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and Sea Salt Caramel. But let's be real, you can't go wrong with Halo Top.

8. Fruits and Veggies: This is the part where I spend most of my money. I always stock up on raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries to put on oatmeal, yogurt and even peanut butter toast. For veggies, I usually grab bell peppers that I later cut up into sticks and eat with hummus, and celery to eat with peanut butter. I of course, get some avocados for avocado toast

Sierra St. Pierre

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