It’s a typical college problem: you’re craving Italian food, so you convince your friends to accompany you to an upscale Italian restaurant (because what other kind of Italian place is there?) You take a look at the menu and are overwhelmed with panic. Can your bank account even handle this?! What about those concert tickets you’ve been saving up for? Before you know it, you’ve ordered spaghetti…without meatballs.

This doesn’t have to happen again. Try convincing your friends to an Italian potluck instead. Here are all the recipes you could possibly need:

1. For the friend that tries to eat the food while it’s still cooking


Photo by Corinne Odom

Try this signature Italian appetizer, bruschetta. It’ll keep tempers cool and tummies happy while the rest of the cooking is happening.

2. For the friend that’s concerningly carnivorous


Photo by Tiffany Zau

Have them make these classic Italian meatballs. They’ll be the star of the pasta show.

3. For the friend that swears mac n’ cheese is Italian


Photo by Daniel Schuleman

These seven recipes are easier than Easy Mac – and even they have to admit that Easy Mac is a breeze. Plus, now the entrées are all covered.

4. For the friend that protests the potluck because they’re vegan


Photo by Kristine Mahan

There’s something for everyone — try this dairy-free pesto recipe that takes less than 10 minutes.

5. For the friend with the Asian takeout obsession


Photo by Shalayne Pulia

Who knew your leftovers could be converted into Italian food? This incredible recipe transforms your fried rice into delectable risotto balls.

6. For the friend who pretends they know how to cook


Photo by Sarah O’Leary

What’s better than a homemade pizza? This half-homemade recipe is a breeze, yet produces incredible results.

7. For the friend that actually knows how to cook


GIF by Max Faucher

Let’s leave the important stuff to the pros. Check out this marinara recipe for the secret sauce to the whole meal.

8. For the friend that has an insatiable sweet tooth


Photo by Carly Zaladonis

This rich, authentic hot chocolate is sure to satisfy anyone’s wildest dreams. Less hot chocolate, more melted chocolate. It’s heaven. Enough said.