If there's one thing in the world that makes my mouth water, despite having just finished eating, it's cheese. I mean, you must be a monster to not like this amazing dairy product. Thanks to advancements in the cheese department, even lactose intolerant and vegan peeps are able to have this gift of God. When I take a bite of that beautiful soft piece of fresh mozzarella, it's no less than a miracle. 

No joke, one of my favorite snacks is string cheese or simply microwaving melted Gruyere and American cheese with a dollop of brie on top. On the days I'm craving cheese most, I find myself scrolling through my Instagram feed, double tapping posts of the ooey gooey stuff. So you too can enjoy photos of cheese, here is a comprehensive list of cheese Instagram accounts you should be following.

1. @thisisinsidercheese 

You've probably see their melty cheese videos on Facebook, and luckily they put them on Insta, too. This page is your go-to page for food porn that deals only with cheese (and a lot fast food). They're not shy about pulling apart cheese sandwiches and pizzas— it's basically heaven. INSIDER knows what's up.

2. @murrayscheese

Murray's Cheese is a cheese shop in NYC that posts regular pictures of you guessed it, cheese. Their brie pictures and videos are to die for. They also sprinkle different kinds of cheeses on stuff like prosciutto and bacon. Basically, it's great inspo. Their photography skills are also pretty on point. 


This account is "aggressively cheesy," as they themselves say, and is run by Devour Media. They mostly repost the cheesiest pictures out there, but their selection is one of the best I have seen. It's an account that leads you to other cheesy accounts, and for that I am grateful.  


This account is run by Dylan Stanfield, who is an expert in cheesemaking. He posts beautiful pictures of his cheeses and the cheese wheel miniatures he creates. They're not only very intricately made, and yes, I would eat them all. He falls under the category of one what might call a cheese artist. 

5. @thatcheeseplate

This page is your go to guide for creating picture perfect cheese plates. They have plates themed on citrus, berries, peaches, and so much more. This account raises the bar when it comes to making your own aesthetically pleasing cheese plate. Talk about serious inspiration!

6. @cheesepulling

This is legit an account dedicated to pictures and videos of cheese pulling. How freakin awesome is that? If you have your own video or photo of an awesome cheese pull, use #cheesepulling for a chance to be featured on their feed. 


Cheetos are cheese, and no joke, this Cheeto art account has 42.1k followers. The person behind this account is serious about their snacks. They say that they feature "pictures of Cheetos that [they] have found to resemble something." Don't worry, no FaceTune or Photoshop used here.

8. @grazingsociety

This account is run by Emma Nevison, a food stylist and content creator. She creates cheese platters, posts cheese pairings, and includes recipes. Like the picture above, I tried blue cheese and chocolate with glazed oranges and well... it was yum.

If you can't get through the day without thinking about cheese, you're bound to love these cheese Instagram accounts. But beware, you may be inclined to make your own cheese plate or dip a cracker into a melted wheel of brie when you finally put down your phone.