As an avid chocolate lover myself, just the sight of a sweet morsel has my eyes alert, my mouth watering and my heart content.

Whenever I saw a box of chocolates presented on a dessert table at a family gathering, I studied the key on the bottom of the box like I was going to be tested on it later that night.

Choosing the perfect chocolate was, without a doubt, the hardest decision of my day and I wanted to gather as much information on each truffle as I could.

From the texture, to the flavor profile, to the inspiration behind the stunning visual aesthetic of a single chocolate, I never realized the great complexity of chocolate nor the fact that it could serve as more than a mere perfect ending to a satisfying meal.

Chocolate can also be used to…

1. Keep your skin fresh and healthy.

If you’re someone like me that has struggled with their skin for several years, then you have probably heard of the old wives’ tale that chocolate causes acne. Well, truth be told, this is false. 

In fact, dark chocolate helps keep your skin healthy, having a wide variety of antioxidants that protect your skin from damage against harmful UV rays. Because of its caffeine content, dark chocolate removes dead skin cells, allowing your new, fresh skin to breathe freely.

It also reduces elevated stress hormones. This means that there will be an increase in collagen activity, and ultimately, fewer wrinkles. So, no need to omit chocolate from your diet to make your skin clearer. You can also use it to make a quick and easy chocolate face mask. Not only will your skin smell yummy, it will also feel healthy and hydrated.

#SpoonTip: In order to maximize the health benefits, it is best to consume chocolate with a cocoa content of at least 70%.

2. Make your hair glossy.

Want lustrous, voluminous hair? Eating a daily dose of chocolate will allow your hair to grow better because chocolate increases the oxygen levels and natural blood flow in the scalp. The more blood flow, the more vitamins, minerals and nutrients, making your hair super shiny.

3. Give you delicious, moisturized lips.

Yes, with just four household ingredients and four easy steps, you can have a sure-fire way of getting smooth, supple lips. The chocolate will not only repair and condition your pout, but it will also protect them, as well. Just make sure to keep the contents on your lips and avoid eating it.

4. Maintain your oral hygiene.

Forget the whole “sugar will make your teeth decay” spiel. Chocolate can, in fact, be used as a fluoride substitute that helps fight cavities. The caffeine found in chocolate will harden teeth, so they will actually be less likely to decay. Take that, elementary school health class.

Want to try out chocolate toothpaste for yourself? Yes, you heard me correctly. Doesn't that make you feel like a kid in the dentist chair for the first time again?

It is important to note that this oral hygiene boosting property is not necessarily true of other types of sweets.

5. Keep your skin clean and smooth.

Cocoa butter is an incredibly popular ingredient found in many skin care products because of its intense moisturizing effects—and it can also be used in soap. Cocoa butter protects the skin against sun exposure, while the sugar content promotes the lathering effects of soap.

Does chocolate soap appeal to you? Lather up.

6. Help your heart.

According to several observational studies, there is a dramatic reduction in the risk for heart disease for people who consume a lot of chocolate. Research shows that the flavonols found in chocolate can also help lower blood pressure.

Another study found that people who eat chocolate regularly have a lower risk of stroke compared to people who do not eat chocolate.

7. Enhance your mood.

Feeling stressed about your upcoming calculus exam? Pissed AF that you'll be missing your favorite TV show because of a mandatory work meeting? Close your eyes, take a deep breath and pop a piece of chocolate in your mouth.

Chocolate contains serotonin, which serves as an antidepressant, and chocolate also stimulates the production of endorphins—chemicals in the brain that bring on the happy feelings. So, how about you pass on that pint of ice cream, and find your favorite truffle to do some mood liftin'?

8. Boost your brain’s function.

Research shows that drinking cocoa rich in flavonols increases the blood flow to key parts of the brain for at least a couple of hours. Another study found that people who consumed chocolate scored higher on cognitive tests than those who didn’t. I know what I will be snacking on before my next test.

So, on this lovely day, kick back, relax and enjoy some chocolate—in any form you desire.