Are you looking for the perfect Halloween costume? For college students, who often need multiple costumes to fuel their crazy "Halloweekend," it can be hard brainstorming for multiple unique costumes every year.  You do not need to look further than your plate for ideas!  Embrace your inner foodie and go dressed as your favorite thing to munch on.


One of my favorite ideas is to go as one of everyone's favorite fruits: grapes!  This sweet fruit makes a perfectly easy costume.  All you need is purple balloons and a couple other materials! This costume does not take long to make, and will be a hit at any Halloween party. Just avoid walking into anything sharp for the night and you're good!  


It turns out that sushi can make for an amazing costume!  Take one of your favorite foods and turn it into a costume quite easily, with a decorated pillow on your back to represent the type of fish!  This one is a great group costume, so grab your friends and figure out who is going to be which sushi roll!  


Mimic today's hippest condiment by dressing up as a bottle of Sriracha sauce!  This is a red-hot costume, and super easy to make!  You can buy a Sriracha t-shirt and wear it as a dress, plus a little green beanie.  You'll most likely be the only one at the party in this costume, so embrace it.


Out of ideas? Be a box of popcorn this Halloween!  You probably already have most of the materials, including the paper you can crumple and paint before you stick it to your shirt!  Rip up that midterm and use it for your costume. Also, if you're a Badger like myself, you can always use your game day bibs instead of a skirt!  


This year, avocados are making an appearance at the local Halloween party.  Put your artistic skills to work and become your favorite toast topping!  Add to the costume with fun accessories, such as green socks or a green headband!  This costume is great if it is cold out as well, because you can wear whatever you want underneath your avocado.

Strawberry and Pineapple

Grab a friend and dress up as two tropical fruits this Halloween! Dressing as a fruit is easier than you think, and this costume is perfect for busy students living on a budget.  You could always have your other friends dress as other fruits, and be fruit salad!  


If you're a fan of Pumpkin Spice Lattes, then this costume is for you. To make the costume even better, stop by Starbucks on your way out for the night and get a drink to take with you and keep you warm (or serve as your chaser).

Ice Cream Cone

The ice cream costume can be done many ways, but the tutu is an adorable way to go!  Dress up as your favorite ice cream order, with both the flavor and toppings!  You have the option to get creative with this costume, and make it as unique as you like.

You cannot go wrong with any of these costumes for Halloween this year.  Get creative, and let your inner foodie shine!