Every year, I, like all students I know, count down until the days I'm free at last from homework and assignments and can start all my summer adventures. The only problem is, with all that free time on my hands, I don't even know where to start! In an attempt to organize my summer the tiniest bit, I created a summer bucket list-- and like most aspects of every students life, they were created around food! These activities are perfect for everyone, and most items are accessible to everyone all across North America! So get ready to bring out your inner Gordon Ramsay, and buckle up for this summer's top foodie adventures!

1. Explore the Great Outdoors (Camping/BBQ) 

My absolute favourite food in the summer time is BURGERS, and there's no better way to eat them than by a fire! Anything from the BBQ is amazing in the summer time, and there's so many ways to put a spin on your classic favourites. The fun trick with camping and bonfires however, is that you can ditch the barbecue and roast and toast your favourite treats over the open flames! Stick a marshmallow on a poker, or throw some burgers on a grill above the pit and cook your way to the most delicious summer food ever. It might take a little effort, but the end results are so worth it! The best part? This is a foodie adventure you could even have in your own backyard!

#SpoonTip: Some cities and areas do have fire bans, so if you want to try this one from home, check online with your city before you start! 

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2. Hit Up A Chip/Food Truck 

A new foodie adventure favourite of mine is scoping out all the new food trucks around town and in new cities. The best part about this, is not only are you exploring new foods and new trucks, but it also lets you explore a city more! Some trucks, will use their social media to update customers on their whereabouts for the day, and are always moving. By having to move around to find these trucks around the city, you get to explore a little more along the way. Bring out your inner wanderer, and go track down that truck!

#SpoonTip: If your favourite truck has a social media handle, find it and follow for location updates!

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3. Did Someone Say Road Trip?!

Hands down, the best thing about the summer is car rides with your friends with the windows down and the music up! This is my go to activity and almost every one of my friends has ridden along with me at least once! What could make this even better, you ask? Well what if you could be in a car with your favourite people, music up, windows down, AND be eating the best food around? That's right, I'm talking about a road trip! Road trips are the perfect way to discover new foods and new restaurants. When you're in a new place, sometimes you revert to the restaurants you know, or pick out the food you're used to. Take the opportunity of being in a new place to explore the different cultures, restaurants, atmospheres and dining experiences you can have! Maybe try going to a different restaurant each night, or when shopping, pick a new food to incorporate to your meals, each trip. Once you return home, you might not have access to the same places, so take advantage of what's around you in when you travel! 

#SpoonTip: Can't get away for a whole weekend? Take a night off and travel to the town that's closest to you for dinner instead.

4. Run Away to the Carnival 

I'm sure every kid has thought about running away with the circus at least once in their life, and this foodie adventure might just make your eight year old self's dreams come true! Carnival and Circus foods are full of the delicious candy and treats that you might not always find in your own cupboards. A carnival is filled with dreams of melt in your mouth cotton candy, crunchy caramel popcorn, soft pretzels bigger than your face and ooey gooey cheese sauce to dip them in... I'm drooling just thinking about it! Carnivals are already such a fun place to be between rides, games, and shows, the food just makes it that much better! What if there's no carnival near you? An easier alternative might be heading over with some friends or your family to an amusement park to get your fill of rides and treats in one exciting stop!

#SpoonTip: Eyes bigger than your stomach? Buy a separate treat from your family/friend and share to get the best of both worlds!

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5. Go Classic With a Picnic

Looking for more of a low budget way to make your foodie adventure dreams come true? Well have I got the perfect solution for you. Go old school adventure, and grab your best basket, your comfiest blanket and fill up for a picnic! Picnics are great because you get to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine all while chomping down on some certifiably delicious summer snacks. They're a more cost effective foodie adventure, and one that is easier to plan. You could also turn your picnic into more of a "potluck lunch" by inviting a bunch of friends to tag along and inviting them to each bring a snack to share! This way, everyone spends less on food, and everyone gets a taste of foods from each other. 

#SpoonTip: Small and fresh foods are the best for a picnic! Bring along lots of fruits and veggies to pair along with some crackers or chips for a delicious outing!

6. Visit the Restaurant You've Been Dying to Eat At

All the time I hear, "Oh I've been wanting to try that place!" from my family and friends alike, and then naturally, we never end up going there and dine at a place we go to all the time... BREAK THIS HABIT! Get out to that new diner, the café that you've heard your friends raving about, go for a quick dessert at that new place that opened up across town! People fall into the trap of routine and don't get out to all the new (or unvisited) and exciting places that are in your own backyard. What a tragedy! Some places like my hometown, Kingston, Ontario have the most restaurants per captia, yet, I haven't been to half of them! Get out and go have a foodie adventure in your own backyard.

#SpoonTip: Make a list of ten restaurants and try to get visit all of them this summer to help you explore more!

7. Pick a Berry Good Adventure

Fresh foods and homemade foods are ultimately the best kinds, but what's even better? Combining them so you have fresh homemade treats, made with ingredients hand picked by you! How to get this delectable combination you ask? Strawberry picking! Head out to a local strawberry patch, like Fruition Berry Farm grab a basket and get to it! This foodie adventure is more fun in one; you get to pick the berries yourself and snack at the same time, bring home more fresh berries to snack on, and you can make some sweet treats at home too. This outing keeps the fun going at home with treats like strawberry pastries, strawberry pie, strawberry jam, and much more. Berry sweet deal if you ask me! 

#SpoonTip: Pick a recipe you want to try before you go picking, to ensure you have enough berries for the recipe!

Strawberry, fruit, basket and berry HD photo by Farsai C. (@clearsky) on Unsplash

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8. Start Your Own Adventures At Home... 

My last foodie adventure is more one you can start on from the comfort of your own home. What better way to document all your travels and new explorations of foods, than to create a recipe box or book! By making a recipe box/book, you can keep all your favourite dishes, drinks, and delectables in one place, to bring back out again anytime your feeling one of your favourite treats! You can buy one like I did, from a craft or cooking store or even amazon, or if you're feeling creative enough, make one of your own and decorate it to your liking! Fill it up with your favourite recipes and store for a time you need a little inspiration.

So no matter what you're up to this summer, find a little food inspiration around a new corner of your town, another city, or even in your own backyard. Try a new recipe, a new restaurant, or make something new and make your tastebuds smile!