Homecoming season is upon us, which means that Tulane parents will soon be flooding to our beloved city of New Orleans to visit us and celebrate our amazing school. And let us tell you, you're doing it wrong if food isn't a key component of your weekend. Wondering how to show your parents a part of the NOLA food scene that isn't touristy or a "been-there, done-that"? Here's your go-to guide on 8 culinary experiences that'll totally impress the rents.

1. Dinner at Square Root

Talk about a culinary experience. This dinner will be one that you'll never forget– and definitely one that you'll want to share with your parents. With only 16 seats arranged around the kitchen and 7-15 courses, you get to watch these food scientists create some of the most insane pieces of edible art. They use tools like liquid nitrogen and unique ingredients like chamomile, horseradish, and cotton candy to make this dining experience like no other. 

#SpoonTip: Bonus if it's someone's birthday, because then you'll score the fiery treat pictured above.

2. Afternoon Tea at Salon by Sucré

A little piece of London in NOLA, Salon by Sucré provides an unforgettable experience at their afternoon tea. We're pretty sure anyone can get behind trays upon trays of finger sandwiches and pastries. Even if you're not into tea, you can swap it out for some booze. Between strawberry beer, tons of wine, cocktails, and even a mimosa called "MOM," we know your parents will be impressed.

3. A Drink at Effervescence

If y'all took a pass on the booze at Sucré, reconsider it at the champagne bar Effervescence. In the midst of the French Quarter madness, this quaint little bar is a breath of fresh air. Your parents will definitely feel like they're on vacation after enjoying some caviar and bubbly flights. And of course this should go without saying, but their champagne is a sure win. 

4. A Ticket to Boudin, Bourbon and Beer Festival

Does your mom have a crush on Emeril Lagasse? Does your dad love cracking open a cold one with the boys? Well, what a stroke of luck, because this festival was scheduled for the same weekend as Tulane's Homecoming. If your parents have any appreciation for bourbon or beer, or are intrigued as to what exactly "boudin" is, you must take them to this festival hosted by Emeril himself. 

5. A Cooking Lesson at the New Orleans School of Cooking

If your parents think that part of the fun of food is cooking it, then you must partake in a cooking lesson at the New Orleans School of Cooking. You'll have the chance to cook a variety of NOLA classics, like barbecue shrimp, jambalaya, gumbo, and pralines. Maybe you'll finally learn why gumbo is incomplete without its roux. 

6. Dat Dog's Barktoberfest

Rescheduled to now happen on November 4th from 12-6pm, this event encompasses everything quirky and fun there is to love about NOLA. A bunch of puppies dressed up in costumes? A doggie kissing booth? The chance to eat an alligator hot dog? Real talk, the only excuse not to take your parents to this event is if one has a dog allergy. Money raised from this event also goes to support Zeus' Place– just another added bonus.

7. A Trip to the Southern Food and Beverage Museum

A museum about food? Sign us up. When you're trying to figure out what to do with your parents in between meals, this is a great place to go. They've got it all– designated areas for each state in the South, info on food, barbecue, and brewing, and more. If your mouth starts watering after all this food education, you can head to the restaurant in the museum called Toups South– a crowd favorite. 

8. A Stop at Shawarma On The Go

It's time for your parents to go home. Even though they've packed their bags and are about to head to MSY Airport, their food adventure is not quite over yet. As their last meal, send them to Jetgo Gas Station on Magazine Street. Inside lies Shawarma On The Go, a one-of-a-kind joint that's been serving up unbelievably good Middle Eastern food since the summer of 2016. What says "too-da-loo" better than some chicken shawarma and baklava from a gas station? 

So don't let your parents follow a typical tourist's agenda this Homecoming Weekend. By taking your parents to some of these places, you'll show them a piece of New Orleans they may have never experienced otherwise. And after making some of these culinary memories, your parents are sure to leave a piece of their hearts in this incredible, foodie city.