It’s 2015, people, the golden age of social media. By now I hope you are aware of, if not obsess over, @Foodintheair ‘s Instagram account. What makes this account’s following so special is that all of its 137K followers and counting are actively trying to get their five hours of fame by having their picture of #foodintheair featured.

However, there are a slew of “Food in the Air” ‘grams that deserve widespread attention and are unrecognized by the account. Take a look at all these talented Instagrammers that are responsible for posting such quality posts, only to remain an average Instagram user until the next attempt.

1. The Cutest Things in Life ‘Gram 

I don’t think I have ever witnessed a picture so heartbreaking and heartwarming as this. Maybe next time, doggy.

2. The Most Skilled ‘Gram Ever

A photo posted by @caseyvock on

I couldn’t help but showcase this person’s picture for their amazing amount of effort and skill. Yes, the food is in the air. Yes, it looks pretty good. But wow! I’m most impressed with how strong this guy’s left hand must be. Dedication.

3. The ‘Gram for Chocoholics 


A photo posted by Abroad Eats (@7chicaschowing) on

Phone call I just had: “Mom, I need to study abroad in Switzerland.” Also, who is taking this photo?

4. The Best Way to Wake Up ‘Gram 

How could this have been overlooked? Waking up to this glorious bagel, gorgeous Miami skyline, and perfectly manicured thumbnail makes for a perfect FITA Instagram.

5. The ‘Gram You Can’t Help But Love 

A photo posted by Aubrey Vinh (@awwbriecheese) on

I donut know why anyone couldn’t love this. I also donut want to torture myself by looking at this any longer.

6. The Yummiest Food Truck ‘Gram Ever 

A photo posted by katie. (@k_alvarado) on

In utter disbelief that this came from a food truck. The food that comes out of my own kitchen doesn’t even look this nice.

7. The Fruit-lover’s Favorite ‘Gram

I’ll take one of these with a side of warm weather and sand…

8. The ‘Gram of the Year

And last but not least: THIS COOKIE DOUGH CUPCAKE! Can you say “life goals?”

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